Yes, You CAN Have It All – At Least, When It Comes to Coffee


Just because you want to brew coffee from the comfort of home doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality, convenience or drink selection. Today’s household espresso machines can supply you with your latte or cappuccino fix without setting foot outside your front door. They can have you pulling a shot with perfect “crema” (the creamy, light-coloured surface of an espresso) in no time. Not only that, the range of options at your fingertips can be vast: some espresso machines will grind the beans for you, pack the grounds, froth the milk and more….all at the push of a button.


And no, these aren’t your mom’s department store discount coffee machines. With respect to aesthetic appeal, technology and quality, today’s household espresso machines rival the gleaming commercial coffee systems you see in many of your upscale cafes. The choices can be overwhelming when considering the features that many of them offer. Aside from the choice of grind sizes and beverage sizes (everything from espresso, double espresso and gran lungo, to mug and alto), many come with a tamping mechanism for built-in ease of use, pressure gauges, and even adjustable steam wands that can be used for flat (best for lattes) or foamy (best for cappuccinos) milk. Whether you’re a coffee traditionalist, with a craving for an authentic espresso-making experience; a picky, caffeinated connoisseur; or a barista-in-training with a taste for adventure, there is undoubtedly a household espresso machine that is perfect for you.


So while none of these machines come with a built-in barista, today’s user-friendly technology ensures that just about anybody can pull a perfect shot of espresso. And whether it’s a fancy machine with all the bells and whistles or a basic model that gets the job done, Quality Coffee Systems – in business since 1998 – has been riding the coffee wave for over two decades, in the process establishing itself as a premium outlet for both commercial and residential espresso machines. As authorized distributors of Swiss, French and German brands such as Schaerer, Conti and Jura to name just a few, we are proud to represent these leading global manufacturers of high-end coffee systems.


We understand that for you, investing in an espresso machine can be daunting. That’s why for us, one of our greatest resources is our hand-picked team of specialists who are trained to walk you through the process, identify your needs and arm you with information – and that’s just the beginning of a long collaboration with our MVP – our customer. The QCS family-oriented culture consistently drives our mission to build long-term relationships with like-minded lovers of all things coffee. And while we don’t claim to carry the most inexpensive products on the market, we do stand by our value proposition: at Quality Coffee Systems you’ll find a range of the finest espresso machines in the world, paired with our gold standard of after-sales support.


Stop by our Burnaby showroom if you’re thinking it’s time to start checking out household espresso machines. We are Quality Coffee Systems.


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