Why a Fully Automatic Espresso Machine?


Before we take a close look at the workings of the fully automatic espresso machine, let’s pull focus for a minute.

Coffee…..it’s almost part of our DNA. It has evolved into a global culture all its own, with many subsets worthy of mention. There are the prerequisite coffee shops, of course (both the world-renowned chains and the standout stand-alones) – most of them with a dedicated customer base. Then there is the robust macrocosm of the coffee bean and its four main varieties: the delicate Arabica (Coffee Arabica), the highly caffeinated Robusta (Coffee Canephora), the unique, “woody” Liberica (Coffee Liberica) and the tart, fruity Excelsa (Coffee Excelsa). While we’re at it, let’s not forget the terrain of the amateur baristas and their quest to brew a perfect cup from the comfort of home.

All of which leads naturally to the “how” of coffee, which is a discriminating look at the appliances that are able to produce the very best caffeinated beverages. Holding court at the top of our list is the fully automatic espresso machine.

Why Is Good Coffee So Hard To Find?

At the end of the day, a great cup of coffee is only as good as its delivery system. Yes, it’s important to place careful attention on the contents – the water, beans, blend, roast and finishing – but what about the coffee system itself? That’s where the fully automatic espresso machine rules. These technologically advanced, high-end appliances have been carefully designed to strictly control the amount of water being pushed through the coffee grounds, stop automatically once the product has been dispensed and produce nothing but the very best beverage via the most streamlined process possible.

So what’s the difference between the fully automatic espresso machine and its “semi-automatic” cousin? Not a great deal as it turns out. They both utilize an electric pump which generates a guaranteed 8-9 bars of pressure – the optimal range for brewing espresso. The main difference lies in the process. While the semi-automatic system requires a little bit of extra work (grind and tamp the coffee so it fits properly into the portafilter), the fully automatic espresso machine is a one-touch wonder. Simply turn it on, push a button and voila!

And what a bonus for multi-taskers – these beverage-producing workhorses are almost always used in commercial applications since they free up the baristas’ hands, allowing them to prepare multiple drinks at once. While they tend to be a bit more expensive than their semi-automatic counterparts, the lack of guesswork involved in operating them is an overriding and attractive feature, as are the delicious drink options, such as gourmet cappuccino, latte and macchiato.

We’re also seeing more and more fully automatic espresso machines showcased on countertops in homes across the country. Those closet baristas we mentioned earlier are investing more frequently than ever in the gift that keeps on giving. Yes, these sophisticated – yet user-friendly – coffee systems are showing up everywhere.

It’s Official

Whether you’re looking for the right coffee system for home, office or commercial/retail use, Quality Coffee Systems has a range of fully automated espresso machines that can meet your needs (or perhaps simply fulfill a long-time dream). As official representatives for superior brands like Jura, Schaerer, Zumex, Conti, WMF, Bunn and Macap, we pride ourselves on distributing the best-of-the-best products – with unparalleled customer service. Contact us or visit our showroom in Burnaby to confirm what we’ve been saying for over two decades: “The proof is in the cup”!


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