When It Comes To Espresso Machines…Where’s The Top 10?


Welcome to the sometimes murky (pun intended) world of espresso machines……get ready to open a pandora’s box of information, technology and decision-making if you’re in the market. Where to even begin when it comes to narrowing down the field?

There are a number of important questions to consider if you’re looking at a significant investment like an espresso machine.

First of all, you’ll be considering its intended use: why are you even searching a top 10 list of espresso machines? You might be looking to open – or upgrade – a commercial space that offers caffeinated beverages. Or maybe you’re rewarding (and motivating) your dedicated team of employees with a gleaming new espresso machine that will fuel their day. Perhaps you’re simply fulfilling a long-standing dream of being able to concoct a delicious, steaming beverage and perfect your latte art from the comfort of your own kitchen. Whatever your application, there’s a machine for that!

It will also be necessary to identify the degree of use this espresso machine will get. How many shots per day do you expect to pull? In other words, is coffee a primary feature of your establishment, complete with showy – and experienced – baristas? Or if you’re a business owner, how many employees will be brewing a cup or two on their breaks? Maybe you’re serving your customers? Or are you looking forward to impressing friends and family with your newly acquired brewing expertise? Obviously, the range of features and technology will differ drastically depending on those factors. As the centrepiece of a commercial space, bells, whistles, showstopping design and esthetics – along with the ability to brew an exceptional beverage – would be a requisite. Maybe a much simpler appliance would make sense for use in a workplace scenario, while an espresso machine for home use might land somewhere between the two.

Of course, other considerations prior to a purchase will be quality, brand reputation, price and after-sales support. The bottom line is that a top 10 list of espresso machines is subject to many variables, all determined by exploring the “who, what, when, where and why”. The non-variable element of this equation, however, is the process involved in purchasing your espresso machine. Without a doubt, those steps need to be taken with a reputable distributor that can make this a seamless, satisfying experience that will keep you caffeinated for a very long time.

As a twenty-plus year veteran in the espresso machine industry, Quality Coffee Systems was one of the earliest dealers of Swiss-made automatic espresso machines in North America. During the early days, it was difficult to find customers for the Swiss or German machinery due to their expense. Fast forward two decades, right through an exploding global caffein culture that is woven into the fabric of everyday life, and coffee – along with the ability to brew it – has made QCS one of the most sought-after dealers of – yes, *quality coffee systems*. And that top ten list we’ve been talking about? The brands that we represent live there. Jura, Shaerer, WMF, Conti and more….

We don’t claim to be the cheapest. We do claim to be the best. Our team of coffee specialists will guide you through the ins and outs of this important purchase, making sure to tick each and every box – state-of-the-art technology, exquisite design, superlative performance and intuitive operations are just a starting point. With unrivaled after-sales support, QCS is the only call you’ll have to make on your espresso machine quest.

It’s coffee time – reach out to Quality Coffee Systems today!


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