What’s Best for YOU When It Comes to Automatic Espresso Machines?


Let’s face it – most of the world runs on coffee. And those in the know realize that many of us only want to wake up to a perfectly brewed, silky cup of coffee simply bursting with flavour – WITHOUT driving to the neighbourhood coffee shop to get it. So yes, in order to meet that mandate, you do need the best super automatic coffee machine – at least, the best one for YOU.

How can we make better-informed decisions, resulting in the ability to brew amazing quality coffee that can rival a cup from the finest commercial coffee establishment – without extensive barista experience? The considerations are mind-boggling, but if you do your homework – and trust the professionals – you’ll take home the automatic espresso machine that could have been made just for you. Read on.

There are a few key points to consider when making this important culinary and lifestyle investment. First of all, programmability – how much do you need? Because in spite of the fact that super automatic espresso machines do the work for you, many of them have an extensive range of settings or pre-programmed options that allow you to control things like grind size, temperature or shot strength. If you’re a closet barista with dreams of producing customized beverages with a flourish, you should go for a super automatic espresso machine with a high level of programmability. If you like the idea of “press one and done”, invest in a machine that features fewer options – and possibly at a lower price.

What about cleaning and maintenance of your coffee equipment? If you’re the type that likes to take a hands-on approach to the care of your machine – you might want to look at a super automatic espresso maker with a detachable “brew group”. This is the mechanism on the front of the machine that carries hot pressurized water into the filter basket. Some have a detachable brew group, making them easier to clean, or even inspect in the event of a problem. Others have a non-removable brew group – this built-in type is designed to be self-cleaning – which for some of us is a huge plus.

Next, let’s consider milk steamingautomatic, or DIY? While some super automatic machines have built-in functions for steaming or frothing milk to produce lattes, cappuccinos and more, some skip this feature, requiring you to go the traditional steam wand route instead. If you value shortcuts and time savers, you’ll likely want to look at something that has a built-in system for heating and frothing milk.

We’ve made a good start when it comes to determining the “how to”, but there’s still more to consider when looking to purchase the best automatic espresso machine for your specific needs. Burnaby-based Quality Coffee Systems would love to be part of your coffee story and guide you through the process. As a family owned-and-operated business, we are proud to represent an impressive range of the world’s finest coffee appliances. From Jura, to Olympia, Ascasao, Schaerer, Conti and more, we have systems for every budget, every taste and every requirement. Furthermore, we are committed to every step of the customer journey – from education, to selection, to after care.

Head over to part two of our blog on some of the world’s best automatic espresso machines, to bring yourself up to speed before you make this important decision – or drop by our showroom and let our coffee specialists share everything they know. Quality Coffee Systems – a west coast legacy of coffee.


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