What’s Best for YOU When It Comes To Automatic Espresso Machines? Part Two


Welcome back. We’ve been talking about how to choose the best automatic espresso machine – for you and your specific requirements. Coffee culture has never been more robust and has been met by an exploding market of technology-rich coffee systems, targeting the DIY barista. So, what suits your lifestyle, and how should you evaluate your options? In Part 1, we talked about programmability, cleaning/maintenance and milk steaming functions as being part of your evaluation process. Let’s look at a few more.

Another area to assess would be capacity – both of the water tank, and the bean hopper. Automatic espresso makers vary a lot in the size of their water tank, milk carafe and bean hopper (which feeds the whole beans into the burr grinder). It’s important to consider your personal needs. Will you be brewing for yourself, or are you catering to your family, friends and/or office? If it’s the latter, it’s important to choose something that has the capacity to handle that demand. While some super automatic espresso machines can only handle a few shots at a time, others can deliver at least a dozen in a row.

You might also want to consider heating time when it comes to choosing a machine. Some automatic espresso machines heat up blazingly fast (as little as 30 seconds) and others take a minute or two to reach optimum delivery temperature. Are you going to want to produce the world’s quickest – albeit finest – cup of coffee on your mad dash out the door at the crack of dawn, or are you in the enviable position of savouring extra minutes – and sips – while checking the morning news? Either way, this is another feature that might impact your choice.

Let’s not forget overall appliance size, aesthetics and of course – budget. While some homes boast acres of countertops – if not dedicated cupboards and drawers – to host all of their favourite appliances, some kitchens need to ration valuable real estate. At the end of the day, this is going to factor significantly into selecting the right automatic espresso machine. Just as critical to most homeowners will be the aesthetic component attached to this new coffee system. Will polished stainless steel add that touch of class where you want it? Or is a gleaming black, white or red appliance more up your alley? Do you lean towards the neo-classic, traditional look, or is a modern, stylish statement piece going to take center stage and up your design game? These are extremely personal choices – as much about form as they are about function – and they will say a lot about your design taste. Lastly, when it comes to pricing, suffice to say that although automatic espresso machines aren’t cheap, there are many options available that can accommodate a range of budgets.

That’s where Quality Coffee Systems can become a great partner on your “quest for the best”. We rep Swiss, French and German brands that set industry standards in design, features and quality. The fact that our portfolio includes both super automatic espresso machines and traditional espresso machines, with a vast range in price points, is our guarantee that we have something for everyone. At QCS, we celebrate coffee culture and look forward to sharing our expertise with our VIPs: the customers. Factor in that after-sales support is the backbone of our company and you’re on your way to acquiring the automatic espresso machine that’s best for YOU.

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