What to Look For in a Good Entry-Level Espresso Machine

Are you tired of having to leave home in order to enjoy the high-quality coffee experiences you get from your local café? Or, have you noticed how much money you spend on coffee every week? While it is an investment, purchasing a high-quality home espresso machine is worth it for coffee lovers who value a pleasant user experience and consistently delicious results. However, with so many options to choose from and a few less-than-quality products out there, it can be a challenge to know exactly what to look for in the best entry-level espresso machine for your needs. That being said, the best starting point is to determine what your needs are. What size machine are you looking for? What kind of experience would you like to have every day? What’s your budget? How user-friendly do you need your espresso machine to be? When you have the answers to all three of those questions, you’re on the right track! Now all you have to do is look out for these three qualities to find a new coffee solution that will fit seamlessly into your life. 

Pay Attention to Both Ease of Use and Ease of Cleaning 

Naturally, as a new home barista, ease of use is likely at the top of your list of priorities. However, if you have a busy schedule or simply don’t want to spend all your time standing in your kitchen, ease of cleaning is another important factor to consider when choosing the right entry-level espresso machine for you. Oftentimes, the more components your machine has, the more time you’ll need to dedicate to cleaning in order to ensure a hygienic coffee experience. Before you buy, ask your retailer what the cleaning process is like for the model you’re considering.

Look For a Built-in Coffee Grinder if Possible 

When it comes to any specialty coffee drink, freshly ground beans always create a richer, more complex flavor profile that any coffee lover will appreciate. If you’re looking to save space or just want to create a streamlined, convenient everyday coffee system, you’d do well to look into an espresso machine with a built-in coffee grinder as this will save you some space and time while ensuring that you don’t compromise the fresh, strong taste that we all love. 

Look For a Built-in Water Filter if Possible 

In addition to a built-in coffee grinder try to look out for a built-in water filter. The quality of your water greatly affects the taste of your coffee. For example, the impurities in tap water can give your coffee an acidic or metallic taste which interferes with the subtle flavors within your coffee beans. Don’t want that! While some use bottled water as a potential solution to this common problem, this is hardly sustainable making a water filter the best option. Many espresso machines have built-in water filters to streamline your coffee-making process while offering the purity we all want from our coffee beverages. 


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