Visit the Jura Hospitality Center in Vancouver!

Recently, we celebrated the opening of the new Jura hospitality center in Vancouver. It can be intimidating to explore the wonderful world of espresso machines. Luckily, Jura provides coffee lovers with unparalleled customer service that has earned them an excellent reputation around the world. Whether you’re looking to bring premium coffee experiences into your home or into the workplace, espresso machine experts at Jura hospitality centers can teach you about these impressive and beautiful contraptions. If you live in the Vancouver area and you’d like an introduction to Jura’s line of specialty products, there are several reasons you should pay the new hospitality center a visit. 

The grand opening of Vancouver’s very own Jura hospitality center

  1. Ready-to-Use Espresso Machines on Display 

Firstly, When you visit our new hospitality center, you can access an ultra-modern showroom where multiple ready-to-use espresso machines are on display for your viewing pleasure – and perhaps you’ll receive a delicious sample for the full Jura experience. ECommerce offers a convenient buying process, however, Jura knows how important it is to explore and feel any product that you intend to incorporate into your daily routine. 

Ultra-modern showrooms offer the full Jura experience


If you’re interested in how things work, you can learn about the mechanics behind each perfect cup of coffee and discover what type of machine looks, feels, and functions to your liking. This process can be difficult to navigate if you’re new to espresso machines which is why Jura hospitality centers are staffed with the helpers you need to make informed purchase decisions and make the most of Jura’s excellent products. 

  1. Get Helpful Insights From Knowledgeable Specialists at Jura Hospitality Centers 

 Furthermore, staff at Jura’s hospitality centers are knowledgeable and helpful. In addition, they’re friendly and will help you make a smooth transition into espresso machine ownership. Buyers all over Canada have left overwhelmingly positive feedback about the excellent customer service they receive from Jura staff. They feel welcome at all stages of espresso-making journeys. Here’s what one happy customer had to say. 

Amazing Customer Service!!! Andy was not only helpful but was very enthusiastic about all the products. And he made me an excellent Cappuccino too!!! Also met the nice lady handling the Online sales. Very friendly indeed! I’m a new Jura S8 coffee owner, and I am very satisfied with my machine!!! Can’t wait to have more coffee!!!” 

  1. A Variety of Convenient Maintenance Services are Available

Once you invest in your dream espresso machine, you’ll do well to make sure you’re caring for it properly. After all, you want the best possible coffee on a long-term basis. Services offered include cleaning, decalcifying, part replacement, and repair for machines over six years old. When you have your Jura espresso machine serviced, it will undergo an entry computer diagnostic which will identify any failures to ensure that all functions are operating optimally. 


All coffee lovers will benefit from a visit to one of Jura’s hospitality centers. Now, you Vancouverites have one of these amazing facilities nearby! If you have any questions about the Jura hospitality centers or our showroom in Burnaby, feel free to contact us anytime! 



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