Vancouver – Leading the Coffee – and Coffee Machine – Charge


Vancouver: city of coffee, coffee enthusiasts, and coffee machines. Let’s face it, this west coast destination is a coffee lover’s paradise, capable of impressing even the most caffeinated and jaded consumers. And although the coffee is fantastic – whether a world-class espresso served with an experienced flourish, a single-origin pour-over at a vibey all-day café, or an exquisitely prepared shot brewed in one of Vancouver’s many coffee-loving homes – it’s not just the quality of the brew that sets this city apart. Between the incredible appeal of beautifully designed coffee spaces sprinkled throughout the city, the quality of food and baked goods that most offer, and the thoughtfully sourced and prepared coffee, Vancouver is a stand-alone coffee mecca…..a true caffeine trailblazer on the global stage……a comprehensive array of specialty roasters where beans play the starring role.

The unbridled pleasure that Vancouverites take in their coffee is on display throughout the city – they clearly love being part of its robust, world-class coffee culture. Whether the tried-and-true legendary chains – small but mighty local franchises – or indie cafes and roasters known for their ethically-sourced beans, rotating menus, and specialty pour-overs – the city’s coffee purists are spoiled for choice. And coffee fever shows no signs of settling down. Considering that global studies consistently place Canada in the top five countries with the most coffee consumers and that 80% of British Columbians claim they regularly consume coffee outside of their home, it’s clear that coffee consumption on the Canadian west coast is on the rise.

While many Vancouver establishments offer unique experiences and are exceptional in their own ways, one thing they all have in common is the dedicated coffee machine(s), carefully curated to the specific needs of its particular shop. As a key player in the west coast coffee revolution, Burnaby-based Quality Coffee Systems has been supplying cutting-edge, European-engineered coffee systems in both residential and commercial settings for over two decades.

Investing in an espresso machine – whether for commercial or residential use – can be daunting. Whether you’re looking to set a benchmark commercially by installing the most feature-rich, technologically advanced coffee system available, or simply want to up your coffee game at home by adding a beautiful, user-friendly espresso machine to your appliance arsenal, Quality Coffee Systems can support the journey.  Either way, our family-oriented culture drives our mission to build long-term relationships. For us, walking you through the purchase of a coffee system is just the beginning of a collaboration with our MVP – our customer.  We don’t claim to carry the cheapest products on the market, but we do stand by our value proposition: at QCS, you’ll find a range of the finest espresso machines in the world, paired with our gold standard of after-sales support.

If you’re based on the west coast and have been thinking it’s time to check out an espresso machine store in Vancouver, contact Quality Coffee Systems or visit our showroom in Burnaby to confirm what we’ve been saying for over two decades: “The proof is in the cup”!


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