Vancouver – A City Rich in Culture and Coffee Machines


“Coffee culture” is a term that shows up frequently these days – and it’s certainly a testament to how pervasive and truly powerful this dynamic of “all things coffee” has become. And while a global fascination has developed with how people consume coffee, the way they make it, and where it is served and shared, in Vancouver, “coffee culture” refers to a lot more than Tim Horton’s double-doubles. It even surpasses the fact that there is a higher density of Starbucks locations than anywhere else on the planet. Vancouver takes its coffee quite seriously and has a rich history to prove it.


The city’s first coffee houses on Commercial Drive drew from traditional European heritage and set the standards for brewing an exquisite cup of coffee. From those roots sprang the first specialty drinks and reverence for the talented baristas who won many Canadian and World Barista Championships – and the city’s obsession with coffee was well underway. There are even cafes in Vancouver where eight different espressos (each containing up to 13 different single origin coffees) can be sampled at one time.


Beyond the prep and serving of caffeinated beverages, however, the sourcing and roasting of the beans have become an art unto itself. Roasters have become an influential part of the coffee ecosystem, bringing special focus to the quality of the product, sustainable and traceable sourcing of the beans, and customizing the roasting process to further define the results. These coffee boutiques can be found along Commercial Drive – of course – but also in Chinatown, Gastown and Kitsilano. The jury is in, and Vancouver is unparalleled in its ability to serve up an incomparable cup of coffee.


And when talking Vancouver, what about the coffee machines that create all those brews, shots and specialty beverages? Here’s where the suppliers of commercial/residential coffee appliances really make a splash. Quality Coffee Systems is one of BC’s premier outlets and showrooms – a family business steeped in two decades of true coffee culture. As the name indicates, this coffee machine destination is a purveyor of quality appliances, and proudly represents brands like Jura, Schaerer, Conti, Zumex and more.


Our Vancouver coffee machine portfolio is distinguished by its connection to exquisite European craftsmanship, engineering and technology, and while we cannot and do not offer the most inexpensive products on the market, we strongly endorse them as the most beautiful, technologically advanced, and feature-rich. Whether they are being purchased for a residential application, a mom-and-pop diner, a specialty coffee shop, or the employees’ lounge, QCS will have the machine with the appropriate features, appearance, size, and pricing to perfectly fit any need. Our after-sales support is a company hallmark, with a highly trained team of service technicians to support our mission of building long-term relationships with our customers.


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