Vancouver: A City of Coffee Lovers – And Makers (Let’s Talk Machines)


It’s a city of diversity – in every way. From its climate to its inhabitants, to its geography – Vancouver is a city rich with natural bounty, citizens of the world and a range of temperate weather patterns. There is one outstanding, overriding feature of this dynamic urban centre however – the city is obsessed with coffee.

At heart, Vancouver is a global confluence of style, design, food and people. The city’s culture is literally a hotbed of innovation fuelled by coffee, where creative minds meet to share ideas and inspiration. These are the settings where plans are hatched, deals are inked, and dreams are launched.

We are also a city of adventurers – is it possible that the term “seize the day” originated here? It seems likely, when considering the abundance of natural beauty that Vancouverites have at their fingertips, and the activities that result…..hiking, skiing, kayaking, swimming and biking are just a few of the adventures we relish, and that same sense of adventure seems to spill over into our local coffee scene – both in terms of what beverage is served, and the spirit of discovery that people tend to enjoy along with it.

And let’s not forget Third Wave Coffee…a term that describes the retail coffee industry post-2000, and its mission to deliver high-quality caffeinated beverages. Those who subscribe to this movement consider coffee an artisanal food – much like wine – where its consumption is enriched through education, connoisseurship and introduction of the sensory. In other words: it ain’t your daddy’s homemade drip. Vancouver was prominent in spearheading this movement, and the results are evident today. The city teams with cafés and coffee shops, staffed with passionate baristas who are so devoted to the craft of producing aromatic drinks, they could be considered artists. These are the masters of tasty, customised, yet affordable luxury.

While the history of coffee involves usages ranging from ceremonial to social, there is something about the ritual of having a coffee that tends to generate contemplation and appreciation – for our company, and for our surroundings. Vancouver is no different. As a city of stunningly varied vistas, some of the sweetest enjoyment of coffee comes from sipping with that special someone or taking in an incomparable view of an exquisitely landscaped space or breathtaking seascape. It’s all here.

Which brings us to the “how”. How has this thriving centre stayed abreast of the demand for this ever-evolving beverage? It only stands to reason that Vancouver has also become home to a major coffee machine ecosystem. As the shops and cafés have put down roots and contributed to a thriving coffee culture, so have the distributors that are needed to supply these establishments with necessary state-of-the-art appliances.

Quality Coffee Systems, based out of Burnaby, is one of the leading (family-owned) outlets in the lower mainland of BC. Representing fine European brands including Schaerer, WMF, Conti, Jura, Olympia, Profitec, Zumex, Bunn, Macap, Ascaso and Chicco d’Oro, QCS has become a go-to for many of Vancouver’s busiest commercial coffee vendors.

Our portfolio includes super automatic and traditional espresso machines that guarantee advanced features, minimal downtime and maximum durability – all primary requirements of any shop committed to its standing in the Third Wave Coffee movement. At QCS, our mandate has always been to establish long-standing relationships with our clients, whether it be a mom-and-pop establishment or large corporate chain. We consider ourselves collaborators in your coffee adventure – from selecting the perfect machine for your specific counter, to providing unparalleled after-sales support. Quality Coffee Systems is proud to fly the flag for Vancouver’s dynamic coffee culture.

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