There’s Something About Craftsmanship….


A lot has been said about Italy’s contribution to the espresso machine manufacturing industry, but it’s not the only significant coffee system player on the world stage. Swiss-made espresso machines have risen to prominence over the past few decades, with brands that feature some of the finest technology to be found anywhere. Any conversation about Swiss culture will inevitably focus on the craftsmanship at the heart of everything the country is known for. The Swiss have a reputation for being meticulous, and this quality permeates everything from their watches, to their knives, trains, cheeses and yes……espresso machines.

The very essence of craftsmanship is doing good work for its own sake, and it has been suggested that the historic stability of the Swiss franc has developed the country’s master crafters, who, with the freedom from huge market fluctuations can focus on quality and design as opposed to price. With less of an emphasis on making money, young people tend to take on longer apprenticeships that deepen their skills in a craft – in fact, two-thirds of Swiss youth opt for apprenticeship-type programs over pre-university education. With this type of craftsmanship culture over the decades, Swiss society has been enriched via a workforce of well-trained specialists. Perhaps it’s not simply this attention to detail and extensive training that makes Swiss craftsmanship so stunning. The Swiss inherently value the development of knowledge and passing it along, and that generates deep progress. And with hundreds of years of deep progress comes deep refinement.

Having reviewed the exceptional level of Swiss precision, let’s take a closer look at Swiss-made espresso machines. There are two brands that stand above the rest, and Quality Coffee Systems in Burnaby BC proudly represents them both.

Olympia Express, with an 85-year track record, is a highly respected manufacturer of hand-crafted espresso machines and a true pioneer in the field. Located in the village of Schwanden, Switzerland, the Olympia brand is synonymous with coffee systems of the highest quality; simple, powerful engineering and elegant lines. As a small – essentially boutique company – Olympia Express doesn’t claim to offer an infinite selection of espresso machines, but they do promise the best, as evidenced in their motto “Our machines, built for a small eternity”.

The second Swiss-made espresso machine distributed by Quality Coffee Systems is none other than the Rolex of coffee makers – Jura. This innovative company, based out of Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland since 1931, is the only manufacturer of espresso machines anywhere in the world to focus solely on premium automatic coffee machines. A Jura espresso machine is associated with stunning design, intuitive operation, and exquisite beverages. Not only that, the company has led with technology that can issue a brew command from a smartphone, and green, eco-intelligence that operates with responsible use of resources and energy. What’s not to love?

As Jura representatives, we take great pleasure in showcasing the workmanship and uncompromising quality of Swiss-made espresso machines. You don’t have to be a coffee snob to appreciate the difference in Jura and Olympia Express craftsmanship. It will be apparent in every beverage you prepare, from the double decaf skim macchiato to a real cup of coffee. As we say at Quality Coffee Systems, “the proof is in the cup”.

So whether you’re looking for a coffee system for home, office or commercial/retail use, QCS has a range of espresso machines that can meet your needs (or perhaps simply fulfill a long-time dream). As official representatives for Swiss-made espresso machines Jura and Olympia Express, as well as other quality European brands including Schaerer, Zumex, Conti, WMF, Bunn and Macap, we pride ourselves on distributing the best-of-the-best products, with unparalleled customer service and after-sales support.

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