The Surge of Household Espresso Machines in Canada


There is no denying that there’s a strong appreciation for coffee in Canada – and that dynamic has only intensified with the effects of the pandemic. From specialty chain Starbucks to Canada’s own Tim Hortons to boutique roasters, the romance with coffee has only grown stronger. Part of that phenomenon is the dramatic increase of household espresso machines in Canada. In fact, although in 2019 (pre-COVID), 78% of coffee drinkers aged 18-79 enjoyed an in-home brew, that number shot up to 87% by October 2020. These numbers support the fact that the coffee market is more competitive than ever, the brew itself is enjoying unprecedented popularity, and increasing numbers of people are investing in home espresso machines.


An entire culture has sprung up around the bean and the beverage. How it originated, where it’s from, how it’s made, why we love it, the powerful branding….and then there are the “best of” lists. There are literally hundreds of buying guides for both grinding and brewing instruments, comparisons of brewing and roasting techniques, how to choose the right bean or improve your barista skills….and don’t forget to keep up to date with the new gadgets available in the coffee industry, such as solar-powered French presses and ceramic filters.


At the end of the day, it’s clear that the league of home-brewing fanatics is growing, and so are the resources to support them. These coffee aficionados have become a sophisticated bunch, with a distinct set of preferences and working knowledge of where their beans are sourced, sustainability, the roasting process and – of course – the best espresso machines in Canada for household use. These coffee lovers are all in on a little secret: they have discovered that leaving home is not a prerequisite to sipping amazing coffee. In fact, they all know that café quality coffee is a goal well within reach for anyone willing to do a little research. Sure, maybe they had to put in a few extra steps initially, or give their morning coffee ritual a bit more attention, or face a learning curve – but the final result generally speaks for itself: a finely brewed, perfectly personalized beverage that would have cost considerably more time and money to take out of a café.


Quality Coffee Systems, based out of Burnaby BC and a twenty-year veteran in the coffee appliance industry, has emerged as an innovative leader. We understand that the choice of brewing device is one of the single most important decisions to incorporate into your new role as a home barista. And while we recognize there are equally critical elements involved in producing that perfect cup – such as which beans to use – our highly trained team members can guide you through this critical process.


QCS represents the finest European espresso machines – these state-of-the-art appliances are built with as few or as many features as you desire and will elevate that corner of your kitchen – or appliance garage – to show home status. They are always a big hit with guests, and whether you’re entertaining friends and family or spending a quiet day relaxing, our household espresso machines bring the cafe to your home. Our QCS after-sales specialists ensure that you are consistently supported through the (long) life of your appliance and we look forward to introducing you to our spectacular showroom.


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