The State of Coffee Machine Suppliers during Covid-19


When it comes to the state of the coffee industry during Covid-19, I can’t speak on behalf of the coffee roasters, baristas and cafe owners. During my time as a driver/ marketing assistant with Quality Coffee Systems in Vancouver BC, I’ve observed what is happening in the coffee machine supplying industry, most notably the world of fully automatic espresso machines. We supply and service residential and commercial espresso machines and only the top brands in quality. In the residential section we sell Jura, Olympia, Ascaso and Profitec. Commerically, we focus on Conti, Shaerer and WMF.

In April of 2020 we were anxious about the future of coffee machine suppliers, cafes were closing scarily fast and the worst part is that the large majority of our business came from selling the much more costly commercial machines. We were pleased to notice an almost immediate influx of sales and service for the Jura automatic espresso machine, although our profits are still not as high as pre-covid. We can’t even keep up with the Jura orders, but I am happy to see people having the pleasure to enjoy a Jura home machine. We are also looking forward to the future as I truly believe that once our situation returns to normal, working from home will remain a normalized custom in organizations. We are thus starting to focus more on Jura from all perspectives to give our customers the best possible service.

With my observation, it has been the automatic household machines that have been flying out the door. The most successful brand during all of this has been Jura. While everyone is working from home, they no longer visit their favorite independent and/or chain cafes near their workplace for lattes, mochas and macchiatos. Instead workers are looking for other options, preferably the most convenient at-home options. A simple, high grade solution is a Jura. The Swiss company is now famous world wide in the home espresso industry. It is a popular solution as with the push of a button, you can get americanos or any milk-based drink with your favourite local roastery’s beans. The machine is arguably the best looking one on the market with it’s silver shades and chrome trimmings, there is a machine size and color suitable for every kitchen, a real way to spruce up a kitchen.  Super automatic means that you do not need to buy a grinder, although there are other accessories such as milk coolers and cup-warmers that may be a nice addition.

Our sales are predominantly through local retailers like Espressotec, Cook Culture and Hoya Home Living and we are glad to help them as we are the official representative of Jura in BC but we feel like we should have a bigger presence online. We are a lot more successful with in-store purchases while our online orders are low. The online market potential is massive and we would love to adapt to covid standards and send the machines in a swift manner instead of in-store purchases. Jura is a brand I can truly stand behind with pride and I want people to know about it and although our current situations are unfortunate due to Covid, Jura has been a bright spot in these times.


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