The launching of my new favorite machine: The Cremina SL by Olympia



The Cremina SL, by the Swiss based company, Olympia is a historical piece of machinery which combines the timeless classic with modern sleek. It has the vibrant pop from the red panels and the elegance of the pure chrome. The type of person who likes these machines is someone who takes pride in their coffee and has, or wants to have, the experience and practice of pulling the perfect shot with the Cremina’s unique hand lever system.  If you prefer the calmer Anthracite over the loud red, this can be chosen as well.      

What makes the SL different than the regular Cremina, is that it has an improved spring assembly allowing for a more even flow and improved extraction. 

The Cremina SL is not out yet, but it will be out in October. It has been pre-ordered numerous times this month and this option is still available through QCS. If you are interested in ordering this timeless classic, please call our toll-free number to reserve your spot in line:


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