The Household Espresso Machine – Everyday but Far From Average


Let’s talk about Canada’s obsession with coffee – including where, when, why and how they consume it. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in Canada – in fact, with a population of only 37 million, Canada has coffee consumption estimated at approximately 3.9 million (60-kilogram bags), with a per capita consumption of more than 7 kg.

Prized for its rich flavour and aroma, coffee is also known as a mild stimulant and as such is recognized as an authentic “pick-me-up” beverage. What may be less known is that although Canada is home to countless commercial coffee-serving outlets and chains, the household is still the leading location for coffee consumption. With consumers becoming increasingly sophisticated and discerning in their caffeine tastes, the demand for household espresso machines in Canada is also on the rise. Elegant, finely crafted coffee systems are no longer the domain of neighbourhood cafes and coffee chains. These sleek marvels of European engineering have found their way into scores of homes where they are showcased on quartz countertops and deliver daily on their promise of perfectly brewed beverages – no barista necessary. When it comes to household espresso systems in Canada, there is a machine for everyone – the range of prices, features and technology is truly impressive. From manual espresso machines to super automatic to commercially suitable machines – from “brewing for dummies” to “I was a barista in a former life” – in today’s market, every palate and expectation can be addressed.

What’s in a Bean?

Another aspect that truly elevates the appeal of household espresso machines in Canada is the exploding coffee market itself. Although coffee is not grown here, as a product it has become a hotter commodity than ever – pun intended. Where once upon a time, a “cup of coffee” meant serving up a murky, bitter substance in a chipped cup, today’s coffee culture (along with a specialty approach) makes the consumption of a caffeinated beverage a true celebration. Light-dark roast – small batch – artisanal – roasted-to-order – micro roaster – single origin roasts – fair trade….the options (and buzz words) are endless.

With coffee consumption (and working from home) on the rise, Canada’s households are willing to invest in high-end espresso machines. So what are a few things to look out for? Aside from the obvious determining factor – price – there are several things that might dictate your selection. Are you someone who wants to simply push a button and have your favorite coffee beverage dispensed on the spot? Or do you like to get more involved in the process of brewing the perfect tribute to caffeine? These are some things to consider when choosing the best espresso system for your home.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to make this important decision with the support of experts who not only drink, but live and breathe coffee. Quality Coffee Systems carries a wide selection of the world’s finest manufacturers of household espresso machines. We bring exceptional product knowledge – and the ability to tailor the investment to your particular needs – into every inquiry and transaction. And our support doesn’t end with your purchase. The servicing and maintenance of these stunning machines is part of our commitment as a premier supplier of household espresso machines in Canada. Reach out to learn more.


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