Swiss-Made Is First Class


Quality Coffee Systems, one of the West coast’s leading suppliers of residential and commercial espresso machines, was founded as a father-son venture in 1998. We were one of the earliest dealers of Swiss-made espresso machines in North America – believing that the hallmark of Swiss engineering and technology would apply to coffee systems as well – and we were right. Although it was initially difficult to establish a market for this high-end machinery (which was considerably more expensive than its Italian counterparts), we persevered, fostering an enthusiastic market for the Swiss-made espresso machine. By the end of 1999, QCS was installing espresso machines throughout Canada and had gotten in on the ground floor of a burgeoning, worldwide coffee culture.


So let’s take a closer look at Swiss craftsmanship – how it’s at the heart of everything that the Swiss do, and how it sets these machines apart from the crowd. The first thing that most of us think of when we discuss Swiss precision is their watches. With companies like Breitling and Zenith producing mechanical watches that measure down to one-tenth of a second, it’s easy to understand the Swiss reputation for being meticulous. And since they have been making watches for 400 years, the mastery that these craftsmen demonstrate seems inevitable.


Swiss culture is steeped in craftsmanship – from its knives to watches, trains and cheese – quality and superb design show up everywhere. There is speculation that one reason for this phenomenon is the stability of the Swiss franc. Master crafters can focus solely on product creation, rather than price, when huge market fluctuations cease to exist. There is also intrinsic value placed on the transfer of generational knowledge, resulting in unusually long apprenticeships that encourage Swiss workers to deepen their skills in a craft. Ultimately, however, Swiss principles embrace the concept of doing good work for its own sake. That, and tradition. For example, there are only 10 Swiss masters left who are accomplished in the practice of tavillonnage – a prized, and unique method of roofing still used on certain traditional buildings. The result? Exquisitely crafted roofs that can sustain heavy snow for over 100 years.


When we’re looking closely at Swiss craftsmanship, it’s not just the precision, focus on design or extensive training that sets it apart. It’s the value placed on knowledge transfer that results in significant progress – and thus, significant refinement. And with this understanding, it only makes sense that Swiss-made espresso machines would fall into that same category of exceptionalism. Burnaby-based Quality Coffee Systems is the authorized Canadian representative of two of the world’s finest: Jura and Olympia. The intelligent features, advanced engineering and consistent performance of these brands literally sell themselves….in addition, these manufacturers stand up for a sustainable environment with bean-to-cup options, minimal packaging and energy-efficient features.


For over two decades, the core of our business has been to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients. Whether your needs are commercial – including cafes, restaurants, hotel chains and more – or residential, we have a coffee system for you. And whether it’s Swiss-made or another of our outstanding European brands, the benefits of partnering with QCS are many. We ensure a superior customer journey, from the research stage to after-sales support.


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