So You’re Not a Coffee House? You Can Still Rock a Commercial Espresso Machine


Many businesses are now offering specialty coffee to get a leg-up on their competition. And while not all coffee systems are created equal, there IS one rule of thumb to observe when determining whether to compete within the ever-growing coffee culture and jump into the game: a commercial espresso machine is always going to deliver better results than the good old fashioned 8-cup carafe. Hands down.

What are the advantages of investing in a commercial espresso machine? Start by taking a look at your business, and whether you ever serve a caffeinated beverage. Obviously, if you’re in the hospitality industry – a restaurant, diner or sidewalk café for example – it’s a no brainer.  Even if coffee beverages aren’t front and center on the menu, increasingly sophisticated patrons expect more than a bitter cup of coffee at the end of a meal – or as the requisite breakfast accompaniment for that matter. Lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, or simply a brilliant cup of coffee – these can all become part of a food establishment’s bragging rights with the incorporation of a commercial espresso machine into its food-prep operations.

But it doesn’t stop there. Coffee being the universal language, it shows up everywhere. And it’s expected everywhere, by everyone. From banks to bookstores, employees and customers of every business under the sun need a coffee break – and what a bonus if the magnanimous owner has supplied a commercial espresso machine to take the sting out of a long day.

What a way to show true appreciation for the hardworking team that’s the backbone of your business. As a boss, you have a perfect opportunity to have that special pick-me-up on standby when the troops hit the wall – while winning employer of the year. And those twice daily 15-minute coffee breaks – down the hall or down the street? Give them something worth filling their cup with, and keep their money in their wallets in the process. Talk about win-win – and all with a one-time investment in a commercial espresso machine.

An investment in a commercial espresso machine doesn’t necessarily have to be a restaurant-patron or employee-driven purchase either. The last time you went to the show room of a car dealership, they probably offered you a beverage while you waited to do the deal (likely something powdered in a Styrofoam cup). Or to the hairdresser…or for an oil change…anywhere that customers or clients wait is an opportunity to go the extra mile and offer those specialty beverages. Yup…just another ‘perk’ of your service – and it all helps to pull you ahead of the competition.

Bona fide coffee beverage retailers no longer need to be the sole proprietors of commercial espresso machines. The newest generation of these appliances comes with user-friendly technology (no professional barista necessary), stunning versatility and impeccable service options. Your investment will pay off year after year and in multiple ways – no matter your business model or industry sector.

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