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At Quality Coffee Systems, we understand that there is nothing quite as beautiful and satisfying as waking up to a delicious cup of fresh, hot coffee. Even a minor snag in your Jura, or other household espresso machine would mean a day without your favorite cuppa. However, our residential machines services try to ensure that your coffee journey is uninterrupted and ever delightful.

Authorized Representative and Service Centre

  • Quality Coffee Systems is the official service centre for Jura espresso machines in Western Canada.
  • We are also the authorized representatives and service providersfor residential coffee machinesfrom a number of other brands, such as OLYMPIA, ZUMEX, ASCASO and PROFITEC.

Three-Pronged Service Approach

Our comprehensive, three-pronged approach aims to help you get the most out of your home espresso machine:

  • Speedy and reliable diagnostics and repairs: With superior technical expertise, unparalleled customer service, and unbeatable service times, your espresso machine is in good hands.
    • Our factory-trained experts know most machines inside and out, which means, we can restore your coffee maker to its optimum functionality quickly and effectively.
    • We have access to advanced diagnostic tools that significantly reduce the time to identify and fix problems.
    • We deal with only genuine parts and replacements. Any components that we replace will be of the highest quality.
    • Whether it is repairs or replacement, we provide detailed quotes and prompt status updates.
  • Transparent service terms and charges: As an official Jura service centre, we conform to the brand’s flat-fee system for repairs and maintenance of Jura automatic espresso machines. For all other machines, our customer-friendly service team offers a transparent and detailed,brand-wise catalogue that breaks down the service types and prices.
    • Diagnostics and servicing – with or without parts replacements
    • Cleaning and decalcification of the machine components
    • Repairs of machines that are outside of the warranty period
    • Parts and components not covered in the warranties
    • Any additional shipping or transportation costs as applicable
    • Add-on service protection plans for extended warranties.
  • Efficient troubleshooting and advisory support:Need a more robust brew? Looking for a better setting to suit a larger mug? Not sure how to grind the beans to perfection for an enhanced, smoother taste? No matter what your query, as long as it concerns coffee or coffee machines, our in-house staff have all the answers you need.Our trained and knowledgeable team members are nothing short of professional coffee experts. We also offer a wide range of preventive maintenance programs, educative materials, and quality resources to help you maximize the life and features of your fully-automatic or manual espresso machine.

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