Roaster’s Corner Episode 1 with Agro Roasters

We have a new monthly show where we have a brief conversation with well known as well as up and coming local roasters. I’ve come to realize that the coffee culture in Vancouver is so rich, but I want to still know more about them as I am sure other Vancouverites do as well. We were lucky to have Andrew Freeburn from Agro come in and be our first guest despite not knowing how our first episode will go. Although I work for a coffee machine supplying company, I learned so much. Andrew knew literally everything there is to know about coffee and how to make the perfect espresso. I spent the whole time asking questions about coffee but about halfway through he explains to us how to make the perfect shot and I was able to taste the espresso he made. I am mostly an Americano drinker, but the espresso he made was very easy to drink.



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