2 Profitec Deals

Profitec is one of the big brands when it comes to quality semi- automatic espresso machines, competing with ECM, Rocket and Lelit. We are the official service representatives for Profitec in BC and we are well stocked on machines and parts.

“Our highest claim is quality and our motivation is to create the best products. Our espresso machines and grinders are manufactured in our production facilities in Bammental and Mauer, Germany.” – Profitec

Deal 1: 5% off on all Profitec machines or grinders

The units we have available for the 5% discount are:

Deal 2: Machine + Grinder bundle

Buy any Profitec machine at 5% off and receive the Profitec M54 grinder at $100 off!

Please visit our showroom or give us a call or email to redeem this offer 🙂


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