Profitec Pro 600 – The Barista’s Dream


As a beverage, coffee has never been more popular than it is today. Whether home-brewed or prepared with a flourish by an experienced barista, interest in brewing and consuming caffeinated beverages is at an all-time high. Of course, these activities require a coffee system to produce the caffeinated drinks we all love. Today we’re going to talk about one of the unsung heroes of the coffee appliance world: the Profitec Pro 600 espresso machine.

Although Profitec is manufactured in Germany (near Heidelberg), we don’t have to travel to Europe to get an in-depth overview of this state-of-the-art appliance. Manufacturing espresso machines since 1990, the Profitec brand stands for innovative technology and minimalist, modern design – additionally, all parts are assembled by hand. Profitec likes to say that “the combination of traditional hand manufacturing and innovative progression is an unequivocally perfect synthesis.”

The tight-knit and integrated teamwork that takes place in Germany under the Profitec roof is truly impressive. From inspiring design to meticulous assembly, to rigorous testing, these espresso machines are produced under optimum conditions that ensure the utmost in appearance, functionality, and design. Which brings us to the Pro 600. An observable trend with Profitec’s machines is that their price and features increase with the model number. The little sister of the Pro 700 and Pro 800, the 600 is a dual boiler, dual PID machine. The stainless steel, insulated boilers allow for exceptionally accurate regulation of the brew, while the dual PIDs allow for independent control of brew and steam temperatures so that neither one affects the other.

Other Pro 600 features worth mentioning are that it departs from Profitec’s playbook in a couple of ways. From a design standpoint, it features a custom stainless-steel mushroom similar to those on its ECM cousins. The machine comes with strikingly shaped steam and hot water wands, and the use of black has also been expanded with the inclusion of black brew and steam pressure gauges, giving it a sleek, extravagant finish. In addition, it doesn’t need to be plumbed – which might be an attractive feature for home use. It’s also the easiest machine in the Profitec portfolio when it comes to adjusting brew pressure.

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