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Zumex Speed Pro Podium

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Zumex Speed Pro Podium

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Zumex Speed Pro Podium

Smart Service – Perfect juicer for high demand locations such as hotels or self-service areas. Feel the difference The new Speed Pro range gives way to a generation that has arrived to provide an even more efficient, safe and impeccable service both in the Retail and Food Service sectors. Turn shopping into an experience Our daily schedules leave us very little time to look after ourselves, to this end, offering a freshly squeezed, quality orange juice at your supermarket is an opportunity made real with the new professional Speed Pro machine range. Squeeze the most out of your supermarket The ideal industrial juicer for large retail establishments due to its efficiency, simple operation and functionality. Juice time! The new Speed Pro Self-Service juicer adapts perfectly to your self-service area, providing your rest area, hotel or cafeteria with a fresh and delicious product. It revolutionizes the Self Service world This professional juicer model is characterised by its autonomy and adaptability, ideal for restaurants, self services and hotel buffets. Ready for action — Discover the characteristics of Speed Pro Self-service New feeder:
  • Increase in loading capacity up to 20 kg
  • Front door making loading process easier
  • Better orange rotation
  • A broader feeder tube up to 85 mm
Resistance and handiness Feeder tube with Flap making it easier to insert oranges. New structure with integrated electronics and invisible detectors. Cover easy to dismantle, Click & Clean system. Peel outlet system with automatic stop safety detectors. Dual Service Tap Choose the best way to serve the juice with the new dual service tap, more intuitive and functional. Choose the mode (continuous or on-demand) and start to enjoy your juice to drink or take away. New PulpOut System Eliminate the pulp when you want with the new PulpOut system. Just slide and eliminate the pulp without affecting the performance. Integrated electronics All Zumex Speed Pro juicer models include Intelligent Touch, a standard electronic device that will make life easier for you. You will be able to choose the squeezing mode, either automatic or professional, the language, the number of oranges to be squeezed, and control the consumption. A kit for very demanding bar counters The Speed Pro juicer integrates bar counter waste management in the most practical and clean way with the Counter Bar kit.  Contact us for more information. For small fruit, too The D65 juice extraction kit of the Speed Pro juicer is especially indicated for processing smaller sized fruit, such as smaller oranges, tangerines and limes. Diameter of less than 65 mm, and even as small as 45 mm. Easy to use, easy to clean The Zumex Speed Pro juicer is comprised of detachable pieces that are easy to clean and require no type of maintenance.  Everything to make your daily work easier. Waste management
  • 9 kg more capacity, up to 52 kg of waste
  • New trolley with wheels
  • Security and mobility increased.
  • Context of use: Self-service areas, hotels, buffets, traditional restaurants with high juice demands
  • Fruits/min:  40 f/min
  • Capacity : 20 kg (44 lb)
  • Fruit diameter : 65-85 mm (50-65 mm with D65 Kit)
  • Weight (incl Podium):  118.1 kg (259.9 lb)
  • Weight (Juicer Unit only): 72.2 kg (158.9 lb)
  • Power:  280 W (560 W COOLER) / 320 W (560 W COOLER)
  • Consumption : 1.2 A (2.4 A) / 2.7 A (4.85 A COOLER)
  • Voltage:  220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz / 115 V / 60 Hz
  • Protection against moisture : IPX4
  • Safety : Triple magnetic system
  • Speed : 0.66-1.99 gal/min


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