Zumex Multifruit

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Zumex Multifruit

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Zumex Multifruit

The Multifruit juicer is the most advanced on the market, a perfect juicer for extracting the greatest amount of juice from any fruit or vegetable. Power and performance The Speed Control System maintains the blending power at the same level, providing greater power if necessary. Its modern centrifuging and filtering system helps obtain the best performance as well as pulp-free top quality juice. Latest generation Brushless motor The technical characteristics of the Multifruit juicer, such as its Brushless induction motor guarantees 4 times longer working life than the conventional motor of other juicers, making it perfect for catering. Efficiency and safety With the Progressive Electronic Start System, which starts up the motor intelligently, and the Electronic Brake System that stops the motor immediately to guarantee maximum safety. Select colour With the Zumex Multifruit juicer you can choose from 3 elegant colours to give your business a touch of distinction: Black, Silver, White, Cherry and Graphite. Easy to use, easy to clean Juicer with detachable pieces that are easy to clean and require no type of maintenance. SPECIFICATIONS Context of use:  Juice bars, healthy food restaurants, cocktail bars and pubs
  • Fruit diameter : 75 mm
  • Weight : 15 kg (33 lb)
  • Power:  1.17 HP
  • Consumption:  1.8 Amps
  • Protection against moisture : IPX1
  • Safety : Dual safety microswitch on handle and recipient. Magnetic detector on waste bowl. Thermal protection.
  • Others : 3 metallic colours
  • Performance : 1.8 L/min - 120 kg/h
  • Speed : 3.500 / 4.500 r.p.m.
  • Nominal power:  700 W - 870 W
  • Sound pressure level:  Lower than 70 db


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