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WMF 5000S Dual

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WMF 5000S Dual

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WMF 5000S Dual

Slim by design - maximum output WMF 5000S Dual (2 bean hoppers/1 chocolate dispenser) & steam wand

New technology makes us feel we can live life faster. We’re no longer prepared to wait. We expect instant gratification – the products we order, instantly delivered. With the WMF 5000S, it is precisely this need we are addressing: we’ve developed a machine that packs the performance capacity of a large, fully-automated coffee machine into a slim, sleek appliance. With the WMF 5000S, we are offering a machine that not only makes fantastic  coffee, but produces consistently high quality faster – and is easy to use, to boot

  Features & Benefits •   Up to 40 possible beverages, available in 3 cup sizes and 2 bean types •  Multiple milk types using Autosteam technology •   Touch screen is an easy-to-operate user panel and advertising space rolled into one •   Flashing side panels indicate the current condition of the machine •   Touch screen designed with an intuitive user interface •   Easy-to-follow interactive cleaning cycle Machine Specifications •   Up to 180 Cups per Day (12oz cups) •   5 Gallons of Water Output/hour •   2 Bean Hoppers (Regular 2.2 lbs, Decaf 1.4 lbs) •   1 Chocolate Hopper 2.6 lbs •   Autosteam wand for Latte steam and Cappuccino foam •   Small Footprint - 13” (W) x 27” (H) x 23” (D) •   Approx. 88 lbs •   Power supply - 30Amps, 208V •   Machine Receptacle Type: NEMA L6-30R •  Performance capacity indicative in nature


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