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WMF 1500 S (2 Hoppers, 1 Choco)

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WMF 1500 S (2 Hoppers, 1 Choco)

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WMF 1500 S The next level of automation. The WMF 1500 S is a fully automatic specialty coffee machine and perfectly designed for the average need. Eight different models with special fitting makes it possible to produce variants of coffee classics to coffee specialities with milk foam. Each WMF 1500 S features a touch display, automatic cleaning program, beverage registration, hot water dispenser, dry discharge and LED lighting. Available with 4.5 liter flexible water tank or fixed water connection - the WMF 1500 S is not interior to its big sisters in terms of quality and comfort! The coffee machine demonstrated the fact that it also looks good at one of the world’s largest design competitions.   Features & Benefits • Up to 40 possible beverages, available in 3 cup sizes and 2 bean types • Touch screen is an easy-to-operate user panel and advertising space rolled into one • Flashing side panels indicate the current condition of the machine • Touch screen designed with an intuitive user interface • Easy-to-follow interactive cleaning cycle • Patented Plug + Clean • Easy Milk System allows for cold milk beverages (optional)   Machine Specifications • Up to 120 cups per day (12oz cups) • 3 gallons of water output/hour • 2 Bean hoppers with dedicated grinders (1.4 lbs) • 1 Chocolate hopper, 2.6 lbs • Small footprint - 13” (W) x 27” (H) x 23” (D) • Approx. 77 lbs • Power supply - 20Amps, 110V • Machine Receptacle Type: NEMA 5-20  


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