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Speed Up Podium

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Zumex Speed Up Commercial Juicer

The most powerful look, for maximum juice extraction.


  • Respond to the growing demand for healthy products, and create the freshest corner in your store.
  • Make your point of sale an authentic Fresh Place!
  • Speed Up is the ideal companion for the evolution of your business in the juice world.
  • Choose your tabletop juicer, or an All-in-One model for greater autonomy.


  • Integrated high capacity feeder: 20 kg capacity
  • Intelligent Electronics: With 2 operational modes: Automatic or Professional.
  • Drip tray: with a direct drain to the waste bucket in the All-in-one model.
  • Original System: juicing system with ASP antibacterial technology.
  • Hygiene at all times with its automatic pulp conveyor belt
  • Polymer tap with bottle holder available in 3 sizes: 34.4 mm | 36 mm | 38 mm

Discover the new podiums for your All-in-One model:

  • Black: Dare to go with the sleekest look. *Includes drip tray.
  • Mirror: Choose the elegance of the shiniest finish. * Includes two-position drip tray for glasses and bottles.

Narrow/Wide Podiums

  • Options of a Narrow podium (27.5 inches) or a Wide podium (31 inches)


Create the best version of your Speed Up juicer with our new accessories:
  • Juicing Kits
  • Juice Corner Accessories: display case for chilling your bottles of juice, bottle rack, bottle rack unit, etc.
  • Take out bottles
  • Protection accessories


Context of use Supermarket chains, hotels or self-service stores with high juice demands
Fruits/min 40 f/min
Capacity 20 kg
Fruit diameter 65-81 mm
Dimensions Speed Up: 593 x 624 x 1050 mm 23.3” x 24.6” x 41.3” | Speed Up All-in-One: 1. Narrow Black: 710 x 682 x 1775 mm 28” x 26.8” x 69.9 | 2. Wide Black: 810 x 682 x 1775 mm 31.9” x 26.8” x 69.9”
Weight Speed Up: 76.7 kg ı 169.2 lb | Speed Up All-in-One: 1. Narrow Black: 129.1 kg ı 284.7 lb 2. Wide Black: 133 kg ı 293.3 lb
Power 300 W | 0.4 HP
Consumption 2.7 A / 1.2 A
Voltage 120 V I 60 Hz / 220-240 V I 50-60Hz
Protection against moisture IPx4
Safety Triple magnetic system


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