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Schaerer Coffee Art C

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Schaerer Coffee Art C (Hot and Cold Drinks) Fresh bean to cup coffee - hot or cold - by the push of a button! Perfect for staff operation or self service environment. The Coffee Art C offers freshly ground and brewed coffee on demand, both hot and cold. The machine's brewing technology is fundamentally different than other so-called bean-to-cup machines because it does not utilize fractional packaging or other substitutes but instead features integrated grinders and is preprogrammed to brew consistently to your flavor profile in one step every time.   Features, Benefits and Technology Barista quality at the touch of a button       7” Touch Screen & USB Port Menu flexibility and customized marketing display • 7” touch screen is an easy-to-operate user panel and advertising space rolled into one. • Beautiful crisp display for custom beverage layouts and graphics. • Easy-to-follow animated cleaning instructions. • USB port with onboard intelligence runs on Microsoft Windows platform and is able to read, recognize and execute file extensions for easy data transfer. • USB stick ready.
  Operational Advantages
  • Fresh hot and iced coffee on demand at the push of a button.
  • Real iced coffee without sacrificing taste (no melting of ice or dilution).
  • Every brew cycle is consistent and ground straight from the bean for unsurpassed freshness, aroma and taste.
  • Speed – Faster than a traditional drip brewer without recovery time (64oz carafe).
  • Cost savings – Using whole beans (vs. fractional packaging) reduces product cost.
  • Reduce waste – There’s no need to hold coffee anymore.
  • Save energy – Unlike drip coffee makers, there’s no need to heat and maintain large quantities of water in reserve.
  • Less labor – Avoid all the handling and maintenance required with drip coffee makers.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface, ideal for self-serve and staff operated environments.
  • Supports multiple bean types.
  • Easy-to-follow animated cleaning instructions
  • Aesthetic design for high visibility concepts.
  • 70-80 beverages per hour (16oz)
  • Up to three hoppers with dedicated grinders each hold up to 2.2 lbs.
  • Optional flavor module allows up to four flavors Programming Flexibility
  • Dosage, volume, pre-infusion and bypass settings are programmable for each beverage selection.
  • Technical diagnostics menu for authorized service vendors.
  • Up to 80 programmable options.
  Specifications • 208V, 30 Amperes • NEMA L6-20R Receptacle • 26” (W) x 14” (D) x 30” (H) w/ Refrigerator • 3kW Water Boiler


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