Perkopolis Solis Bundle A – 20% Off (Silver)

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Perkopolis Solis Bundle A – 20% Off (Silver)


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1 × Solis Knock Box

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Exclusive Deal for Perkopolis Members

*** Solis Bundle Option (A) is for those who already have a grinder. Manual machines require a separate grinder, so if you do not have one yet, please take a look at Solis Bundle Option (B). ***

Buy a Solis Barista Perfetta at 5 % off and receive the Solis Gift Package.

  • Solis Barista Perfetta regular price: $ 736 - Perkopolis Price: $ 698

Solis Gift Package

Solis Barista Perfetta - Silver

The Perfetta is a special entry level manual machine as it has certain professional features that normally wouldn't be found on entry-level price point machines. This creates the perfect opportunity to become your own professional barista at home.
  • Designed and commissioned in Switzerland
  • Dimensions: 17 x 37 x 32 inches (w,d,h)
  • Professional Steam Wand
  • Programmable shot time and temperature
  • Comes with high quality accessories such as a tamper, pitcher and 5 baskets for the portafilter
For more information on the Solis Barista Accessories, click here


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