Jura Claris Filter Pro — White

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Jura Claris Filter Pro — White




Jura Claris Pro White Filter

Made with purely organic materials and no chemical additives, Claris filters provide a better tasting coffee while protecting and extending the life of your Jura espresso machine.
    • High filter capacity (up to 300 litres) reduces frequency of filter replacement.
    • The Claris Pro White Filter cartridges are suited for any water main in the world.
    • Always filters the exact amount of water needed for brewing espresso.
    • The organic ion exchangers and activated charcoal remove heavy metals and other contaminants and harmful substances such as lead, copper, aluminum and chlorine.
    • Reduces limescale and calcium buildup, thereby extending the life of your machine.
    • Removes the need for descaling tablets, and time consuming descaling cycles.
    • Minerals and fluorides that are necessary for flavour development are retained in the water.


  • Impressa X9
  • Impressa X9 Win
  • Impressa X7-S
If you are unsure about what filter is compatible with your machine, please feel free to contact us for assistance.  


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