Conti Monte Carlo Three Group

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Conti Monte Carlo Three Group

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Conti Monte Carlo Three Group   New multi-boiler technology with innovative pre-infusion system.  
  • 3 groups
  • Internal rotative pump adjustable from the outside
  • Independent coffee boilers of 0.9 L each, thermally isolated
  • Temperature of each coffee boiler controlled by PID system
  • Preheated water filling up the coffee boilers
  • Heated coffee group with adjustable temperature
  • Slow pre infusion system which can be set independently on each coffee group
  • Copper steam boiler thermally insulated
  • Temperature of the steam boiler controlled by PID system
  • Automatic fill up of the steam boiler
  • Steam boiler managed by 2 level probes
  • 1 x graphic display per group
  • Direct access to the parameters setting of each coffee group
  • Parameters of each group can be set independently
  • Keypad with large keys and surrounding lights
  • 1 x general touch screen display for the main features of the machine
  • 2 x hot water taps electrically activated allowing different temperature for tea.
  • 2 x steam taps activated by levers
  • Cool touch steam wand with non stick coating
  • Barista lights
  • 2 sizes : - Tall cup: 140 mm - Espresso: 80 mm (thanks to a retractable working area)
  • Solo kit (machine can work on a water tank)
  • Steam Control
  • Colours available: matte black, matte white
  • Number of groups: 3G
  • Height (inches): 22
  • Depth (inches): 24
  • Length (inches): 43
  • Boiler capacity (L): 14
  • Power (amps): 30
  • Voltage (V): 220
  • Weight (kg): 86


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