Let’s Talk Jura – An Espresso Machine for Everyone

Jura Impressa S8 chrome


If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you’ve likely heard many brand names being tossed around – some high-end, some not so much. From La Spaziale to Breville and Philips (and all stops in between), it’s a bustling marketplace with literally hundreds of choices and price points. And let’s face it – there’s not just one great option, there are many.

Out of all these leading competitors in the espresso machine game, there is one distinct standout: Jura. Let’s take a look at what sets this brand apart – including its ability to produce the best coffee quality that includes simple operation and stunning design.

Established in Switzerland in 1931, the Jura brand turns ninety this year, and the name is synonymous with pioneering innovation and longevity. What began ninety years ago as a one-man company has become an international business operating in fifty countries worldwide. As CEO Emanuel Probst stated recently, “Coffee is regarded as a basic need by people all over the world.” Jura has answered that call by accelerating the pace of engineering, going as far as to develop a new Z10 model that offers not only hot-brewed coffee, but cold specialties at the touch of a button. Jura has pioneered engineering innovations that have changed the look and function of espresso machines.

With a range of coffee systems to suit all commercial and residential applications, Jura machines deploy electronics for all processes, turning even the most technically challenging components into user-friendly comfort. Intuitive operating concepts, multiple programming options, RFID and mobile app technologies make the operation of these state-of-the-art appliances a dream.

In fact, new technologies are a recurring theme throughout the suite of Jura coffee systems. The Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.) is found in the latest generation of coffee machines that communicate with their filters via RFID technology. The JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.) brings all the function of Jura automatic espresso machines to a smartphone, tablet or even an Apple watch. Favourite brews of specialty coffees can be assigned a name or image of the barista’s choice. Settings can be adapted to suit personal taste, and Jura customer support is only a single tap away.

Another hallmark of the Jura brand – and something that has become increasingly important to many consumers – is an overriding commitment to sustainability. The company has a longstanding awareness of environmental issues, along with responsible use of resources and energy. The engineering of Jura machines focuses on longevity of use, in targeted response to the “throw-away mentality”. They are also designed to brew beverages from fresh beans as opposed to pods that employ packaging. And the Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.) technology speaks for itself, offering an energy-preserving potential of up to 40%. (In addition, the Zero-Energy Switch) reduces standby energy to less than 0.1 W.)

Quality Coffee Systems, based out of Burnaby, BC, is the official Western Canada service centre for Swiss-made Jura espresso machines, both residential and commercial. We proudly represent the Jura brand as one of the finest coffee systems in the world. Stop by our showroom, or reach out today to see what we mean.


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