Jura – The Rolls Royce of Espresso Machines

Interested in upping your coffee game without leaving home sweet home? The Jura espresso machine perfectly combines the ease and versatility of ordering across the counter from your neighbourhood barista, with the sleek good looks of a high-end appliance that occupies a place of honour in your kitchen.

Made in Switzerland, home of precision watches, these elegant machines incorporate cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship into every Jura product, resulting in the ability to turn the home coffee station into a professional beverage centre.

The Jura espresso machines (and there is an unexpectedly diverse range that are built specifically for home use) bring a new dimension to all things beverage-related. And just because it’s a “homemade” coffee, doesn’t mean any compromise has been injected into the process or end result! Entirely the opposite, in fact. These coffee workhorses provide all of the advantages of brewing in your sweatpants, minus the underwhelming taste that accompanies their plastic, pod-style counterparts.

Say it with us – “move over coffee house!”

With a professional grade espresso machine on standby in your home, specialty coffees can be brewed at the touch of a button and easily turn any caffeine product enthusiast into an espresso-slinging expert. The operation of this new generation of espresso machines is intuitive, intelligent and effortless. So much so, that many of them are a one-touch wonder just waiting to be quickly programmed and customized to deliver stunning results. Those long lazy Sunday mornings that seem to exist only for the express purpose of waking you up to the smell of exquisitely brewed coffee? Look no further than a Jura espresso machine. It’s got you covered – and running for your favorite cup.

It’s commonly misunderstood that you have to step out of your front door and engage with a professional barista to fully embrace the coffee experience: the ease, range of selection, heady aroma and ultimately – the unbeatable beverage itself. With the development of its industry-leading variety of home espresso machines, Jura has exploded that myth. For the coffee purist or the weekend dabbler, there isn’t a niche in coffee culture that the Jura espresso machine can’t fill to perfection.

And can we talk about style? From the compact model to the king of the countertop, Jura espresso machines turn appliance design into art. Whether your preference is a simple shot, a full-bodied brew or a trendy specialty, the Jura family of home espresso machines boasts an unparalleled level of polish and sophistication. The clean lines, attention to detail and thoughtfully curated finishes of these appliances raise the aesthetic bar and beautifully complement any home or space – no matter what the décor dictates.

Although the name Jura conjures up visions of gleaming, commercial espresso machines found in your favorite coffee establishments, it may be time to let go of that misconception. These luxury appliances have crossed over and Jura espresso machines dominate the home market as well.

Quality Coffee Systems proudly supplies a vast selection of Jura’s finest espresso machines geared for home use. Contact us to learn more.

Jura – the final word in espresso machines.


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