Households in Canada – Crazy for Espresso


The times, they are a-changing…even when it comes to coffee. Today, it’s hard to imagine a time when coffee and café culture weren’t an intrinsic part of society, as they are today. With 14 billion cups of coffee being annually consumed in Canada, it’s the most popular hot beverage and number one foodservice beverage in the country. And that stands to reason –  our long, cold Canadian winters might have a hand in reinforcing that statistic. Coffee consumption has become the backdrop of our lives – part social, part fuel, always restorative. Coffee is the magic potion that sees friendships forged, promises made, problems solved, books read, strangers bonded, great meals concluded…the list goes on. And here’s the thing – unlike recent decades, when tracking down an outstanding cup of coffee meant heading out to a restaurant or café, more and more households in Canada are investing in quality espresso machines to save steps and time.

Along with our penchant for consuming more and more coffee as a nation, we have also developed increasingly refined tastes as caffeine consumers. This means we scrutinize our beans, develop preferences for the type and study their origin – whether it’s the flavour-packed punch of an African, Vietnamese or Indian Robusta; or the silky smooth finish of the Brazilian or Colombia Arabica. It also means that the actual brewing process itself has become a key consideration with regard to the at-home phenom. We no longer need to rely on that leaky old coffee maker and settle for a less-than-perfect beverage. We have options. Household espresso machines have stormed the market in Canada, affording every coffee aficionado the opportunity to become a DIY barista – and Burnaby-based, coffee hardware supplier Quality Coffee Systems is part of that wave.

Established in 1998, QCS – a family run business – has grown right along with the booming Canadian coffee culture. We specialize in high-end commercial and residential coffee systems – hence, the “quality” in our name – which more or less says it all. We don’t claim to represent the cheapest products, but we are proud to carry the finest. Our Swiss, French and German brands come with advanced features, exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled durability. And all of these leading manufacturers – including Jura, WMF and Schaerer – have made a name for themselves in Canada by distributing cutting-edge household espresso machines.

Making the decision to become your own barista doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Here at QCS, our team specialists live, breathe and drink coffee, with a high degree of product knowledge across all brands that we represent. Whether you’re looking for an adjustable spout, built-in grinder, variable strength settings, slim footprint, sustainability options or gleaming statement piece, we will be able to consider your every need – along with your budget – and match you up with a coffee system that will see you through many years of brewing. And our relationship doesn’t end the day you bring home your baby.  While the range of QCS products are designed and manufactured with meticulous European craftsmanship, should the need arise for a service or repair, our after-sales support is five-star. Our three-pronged service approach involves speedy diagnostics by factory-trained experts, transparent service terms/charges, and customer-centric troubleshooting along with unparalleled advisory support. You will always have access to quality resources at QCS. Drop in today or check out our residential product range.


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