What are the shipping charges?

For shipping charges, Please refer to the following table:

$1 – $99.99
$100 – up
Outside BC
$1 – $99.99
$100 – $199
$200 – up
$1 – $99.99
$100 – $249.99
$249.99 – up

How long does shipping take?

Generally , ground shipments take up to 3 days within BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Up to 6 days for Ontario and Quebec and up to 7 days for the East Coast.

What is your return policy?

There is a 20 percent restocking fee for goods if they are returned within 90 days in unused condition.

What is the contact for service, orders and any other questions?

Service inquiries, orders and general questions should be directed to admin.qcs@telus.net

Is there an after-hours contact number?

Please call our main number 1-877-461-4445, the recorded message will give out an emergency, after-hours contact number.

Commercial Espresso Machines

What is the warranty for commercial Units?

There is a one year warranty for commercial espresso machines.

What is the warranty for service?

There is a 30 day recall policy for repeat issues related to the same problem and cause. Replacement parts have a one year warranty.

Is installation and delivery included?

In general, we like to include the install and delivery unless specified differently in a quote we provided.

Do you deliver across Canada?

Yes , we deliver and install espresso machines from Coast to Coast to Coast.

Can you provide service across Canada?

Yes, we provide service wherever espresso machines are being placed within Canada and upon request in the USA.

Do you offer barista courses?

We do not currently offer barista training in a school setting but will custom tailor training for each customer individually as required.

How long do I have to wait to get service?

It is our goal to respond to calls the same day for issues that are causing machines do be done . Non urgent issues should be addressed with 48 hours.

Do you sell internationally?

We cannot sell machines internationally if the after sales support is not guaranteed. The majority of our suppliers have an official representative in each county. Please reach out to us for referrals.

Residential Espresso Machines

What is the warranty for residential machines?

Warranty is 2 years on Jura espresso machines. One year on all other brands.

Can I program coffee drinks?

Jura espresso machines allow for complete control and programming of coffee/milk volume, temperature and strength.

How long does a Jura espresso machine last?

The average expected lifetime is 10 years, however, we still hear from customers using older machines.

Where are the Jura espresso machines manufactured?

Depending on the model, the espresso machines can be manufactured in the Jura’s Swiss or Portugal factory.

What is the difference between Jura and other residential machines?

Jura is the premium brand for automatic, residential espresso machines. The machines are state-of-the-art products and top notch from the design to after-sales experience.

Where can I repair Jura in Canada?

There are 4 official Jura service centers : QCS (vancouver) , National Cappuccino (calgary , edmonton), Jura Canada (Missisauga) , Edika (montreal)

What is the turn-around time to repair residential machines?

48 hours.

Do you sell internationally?

We do not, but we gladly refer to the closest local vendor.


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