Commercial Grade Espresso Machines for Home Use – Advantages, Drawbacks and the Best Products on the Market


More and more remote workers are upgrading their basic coffee makers to professional grade commercial espresso machines. There are a few reasons for this, one of them being that many everyday coffee drinkers are putting a greater value on a high quality latte as opposed to a simple drip coffee. These caffeine lovers see it as an easy investment if it means indulging in their favourite specialty beverage every day.

Others who are upgrading their coffee systems are doing so for more practical reasons, such as convenience and cost. Many of these individuals are working professionals who are now operating from home for the foreseeable future. For them, it is difficult to justify going out each day to purchase a cappuccino before/during the work day. It makes much more sense to have the capabilities to produce their own via the help of a commercial espresso machine suitable for home use. This is not only much more logical from a convenience standpoint, but from a cost perspective as well. Home espresso machines pay for themselves over time, with the majority of savings coming from the lack of spending towards store-bought lattes every single day.

As well, many in the corporate world come from fast-paced offices which provide employees with in-house perks such as free access to commercial grade espresso machines within the building. This is meant to incentivize employees to remain in the office instead of leaving during breaks to purchase from a nearby café. It also promotes a happy working environment and boosts morale.

Because working individuals have become accustomed to an office with easy access to quality espressos, they are simply unwilling to let go of this perquisite now that working from home is the new norm. As a result, many have chosen commercial espresso machines for their home offices without hesitation.

Commercial Espresso Machines – The Drawbacks

Although there are a multitude of advantages to owning an espresso machine, particularly with respect to those working from home, it does come with some downsides, for example, it’s impossible to avoid making your own beverage (unless you employ a live-in assistant or are blessed with the best spouse in the world). Some place high value on the ease associated with a barista fixing their morning latte, while others take joy in preparing their own. For these keeners, making an espresso-based treat becomes part of their daily routine, promotes productivity and a positive attitude. But for those who don’t wish to partake in the process of creating their own gourmet pick-me-up, the investment in a home espresso machine might not make sense.

Additionally, those with major budgetary concerns will want to be sure that they’re going to get adequate use to make it worth the investment. Some can’t make that guarantee and should therefore consider their options, and whether a machine for home use is the right choice for them.

What Is the Best Commercial Grade Espresso Machine for Home Use?

There are so many incredible espresso machines on the market now, with capabilities rivalling your most beloved café. Some of our personal favourites include the Jura Impressa E6, the Jura ENA8, plus the extremely user-friendly and affordable Ascaso Dream. If you’re more interested in traditional, higher-end options, Profitec (see the Profitec Pro300) and Olympia (see the Olympia Cremina SL) machines are definitely worth considering.

For more options, visit our full list of products and select the “Residential Espresso” filter.

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