Coffee: Where to Find It – How to Make It


With all things “coffee” achieving near cult-status, it might be time to talk about the where, when, why and how to join this thriving culture, and make it your own. Let’s take a look at the world of espresso coffee machine suppliers and see if we can draw some conclusions.

Like many other urban centres, Vancouver is a coffee lover’s paradise, with a gourmet coffee retailer on every corner. Not only that, but many west coast homes now boast a sleek espresso coffee machine, as more and more amateur baristas take advantage of the vast selection of coffee systems entering the residential market. Whether you’re looking for a high-end, super automatic commercial coffee system, a traditional espresso machine to be showcased on your countertop, or something in between, you’ll want to source out an espresso/coffee machine supplier that comes with a highly endorsing client roster, a wide range of brands, models and price points, as well as a service team that supports your investment post-purchase.

As coffee culture flourishes, so does the demand – and accordingly – the supply. Vancouver is home to a number of espresso machine suppliers, but none have come close to achieving the business model developed and practiced by Quality Coffee Systems. Established in 1998, we bring decades of experience to what started as a niche industry and has exploded into a world-wide phenomenon. As the buzz grew, so did we. Today, we specialize in superior quality German, French and Swiss brands that deliver advanced technology, a range of features, and stunning designs that could just as easily show up and shine in a museum exhibit.

The support that we bring to your important investment doesn’t end when you leave our showroom, although that aspect truly deserves a mention. As authorized representatives of Jura, Schaerer, WMF, Conti, Bunn and Macap, Quality Coffee Systems prides itself on a highly trained staff. We identify your coffee needs, walk you through the selection process with terminology that you understand, and guarantee a fully customized purchase (and experience).

But we also understand the importance of establishing a strong relationship with our clients – most of whom remain with us through repeat purchases. That’s because in addition to unparalleled customer service, we recognize – as a leading coffee/espresso machine supplier – the importance of maintaining a capable team of service technicians. After-sales support continues to be the mainstay of our business, and something that that is cemented in our client relationships. From servicing and repairs to replacement parts, our customers trust us to keep the coffee brewing without missing a beat.

It’s the morning eye-opener, the communal connector, the afternoon pit-stop, the late-night pick-me-up. In other words, it’s all things to all people. Ah yes, coffee…where to find it and how to make it? If you’re based on the west coast, you don’t have to look any further than Quality Coffee Systems. A member of the Swiss-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Specialty Coffee Association and the BBB, we believe in the legacy of coffee and our pedigree speaks for itself. Contact us to learn more or browse our impressive selection online.


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