“Coffee: The Magic You Can Drink” – Profitec


Based out of Burnaby BC and established in 1998, Quality Coffee Systems is one of the leading distributors of high-quality coffee solutions for both residential and commercial use. Today, we wanted to showcase one of the very special espresso machine brands that we proudly distribute.


Everything there is to know about espresso machines can be shared by the leading European manufacturer, Profitec. Their claim: “We build espresso machines. Period.” With production plants in Bammental and Mauer, Germany, the brand marries German-engineered technology with purist design to produce coffee systems that rival the world’s best. The Profitec commitment to quality is evidenced by the brand’s discriminating approach to automation, choosing instead to assemble each part by hand. This allows for meticulous care to be taken with every single detail and produces exceptional appliances.


In fact, Profitec makes a point of stating that handcraft and technology are NOT contradictory terms. On the contrary, the company’s designers and engineers believe that the combination of traditional hand craftsmanship and technological innovation is a perfect synthesis. Machine-based production could never compete with the precision-based, hand-crafted process that takes place in the Profitec facilities. The company is proud of the fact that the design, development, and production teams work in a tightly knit fashion under one roof, allowing for inspiration and communication – before, during, and after production of each machine. This also allows for meticulous inspection when it comes to appearance, functionality, and finish of each espresso machine.


Another hallmark of the Profitec brand – aside from the fact that the machines are handmade – is the company’s passion for minimalist, modern design. The belief is that the visually sophisticated appliances support and showcase the optimal espresso experience. With a collection of espresso machines that include the PRO 300, PRO 400, PRO 500, PRO 600, PRO 700 and PRO 800, these appliances offer a range of features, sizes, prices, technologies, and designs.


Quality Coffee Systems has been a long-time supplier of Profitec espresso machines, and there’s a reason for that: they represent some of the most feature-rich, precision-crafted, technologically advanced, and beautifully finished coffee systems on the market today. QCS is one of the leading distributors of high-quality coffee solutions for both residential and commercial use – and yes, that includes Profitec espresso machines. We consider a sale to be the beginning of a strong, ongoing client relationship – our core business has been built on 100% satisfied (and repeat) customers – both because of our outstanding and diverse product line, and our unparalleled after-sales support and service.


Whether you’re looking for a traditional – or fully automatic – espresso machine; whether your needs are to install a gleaming espresso workhorse in your downtown café or treat yourself to the luxury of brewing specialty shots from the comfort of your own home, QCS has the product range, and our specialists have the expertise, to match you with the perfect espresso machine.


Stop by our showroom on Boundary Road or reach out to QCS to check out the stunning Profitec range.


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