Coffee Beans to Espresso Machines


The journey of the humble coffee bean is long – especially as it relates to espresso. The first thing to know is that there is no such thing as an “espresso bean”. There are only coffee beans, and the magic of espresso is a result of the brewing method. The beverage itself dates back to the early 20th century – it was created in Venice, Italy, by Luigi Bezzera who was experimenting with coffee to see how he could make his brew faster. In 1903 Bezzera owned a manufacturing business and was frequently frustrated at the length of time involved to make a cup of coffee. After some experimenting, he discovered that adding the element of steam pressure to his coffee machine not only reduced the time it took to make a beverage – it also created a much stronger drink and….voila! Or should we say….ecco!!

The new process truly showcased the best qualities of the coffee beans, and Bezzero immediately named the machine “Fast Coffee Machine”. And hence, the term “espresso” which means “fast” in English! And while Bezzero’s discovery laid the groundwork for a burgeoning industry, his marketing skills didn’t match his inventing prowess – it was Desidero Pavoni who purchased the machine’s rights, patented and marketed the first espresso systems, and had his name forever linked with espresso.

The espresso machine underwent several engineering leaps through the early 1900s – and the machines that were being created by 1938 bore a strong resemblance to the manual espresso coffee machines that many baristas still prefer. Today, the espresso is a highly popular drink, and in spite of its size, it packs plenty of punch since it’s pure coffee. Essentially, the process of preparing espresso involves forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee beans until a concentrated drink is produced. Once created, it can be consumed as is, mixed with water to make americano, or milk to create a latte.

Knowing that these popular beverages originated on coffee farms and estates all around the world (approximately 125 million people worldwide depend on coffee for their livelihoods) and that the beans undergo a lengthy journey from harvesting, processing, shipping and roasting – it only stands to reason that the next logical step to mention would be the espresso coffee machine suppliers.

That’s where a leading distributor like Quality Coffee Systems – based out of Burnaby BC – enters the picture and can become a great partner in your quest for espresso perfection. We rep Swiss, French and German brands that set industry standards in design, features and quality. The fact that our portfolio includes both super-automatic espresso machines and traditional espresso machines, with a vast range in price points, is our guarantee that we have something for everyone. At QCS, we celebrate coffee culture and look forward to sharing our expertise with our VIPs: the customers. Factor in that as a supplier, our after-sales support is the backbone of our company, and you’re on your way to acquiring the espresso coffee machine that’s right for YOU.

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