3 Great Destinations For Coffee Tourists

Though the autumn weather is gorgeous and typically much appreciated by the average coffee lover, we all know what comes after. That’s right, it’s time for shoveling, slush, and the flu. If you have an incurable case of wanderlust, it’s about time to pull out your globe and seek out…

3 Gorgeous Entry Level Espresso Machines

Achieve a rich, quality brew with a gorgeous entry-level espresso machine that beautifies your space and delivers excellent results each time.  Coffee connoisseurs and amateurs alike can easily master these efficient, high-end machines.  1. JURA A1 The JURA A1 offers a host of impressive features that make it easier to…

Jura Opens a Hospitality Center in Vancouver- Celebrate With Us!

  We totally understand the world’s desire to experience the world of premium coffee solutions at home and in the workplace.  With so many espresso machines on the market, it can be difficult to select the right one for each unique set of needs. This is why Jura values customer…

A Guide to Selecting a Long-Lasting Espresso Machine For Coffee Lovers on a Budget

If you’re a coffee lover finally looking to make the leap and purchase your first espresso machine. Chances are, you’re a little intimidated. This is understandable as they appear to be these large, chrome machines with several handles, knobs, and buttons on them. Espresso machines appear a lot more difficult…

Choose the Right Commercial Espresso Machine for Coffee Entrepreneurs

You’ve finally decided that you’re going to take that leap and follow your passion. As an aspiring coffee entrepreneur looking to open up your own cafe, it’s important to know what equipment you should use to satisfy your first customers and establish yourself in the industry. You’ll want to select…

What Sets The Swiss-Made Espresso Machine Apart?

For decades, coffee lovers everywhere have loved Swiss-made espresso machines for the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of their own homes. You might be wondering why that is. We have several possible reasons for this both from a practical standpoint and from an experience-based perspective which we’re happy…

The Best Entry Level Espresso Machine for Your Lifestyle

If you’re a coffee lover and aspiring barista,  there are so many reasons to bring the caffé home. For many Canadians, about 18% of them, finding the right espresso machine is how they start their days off right with a perfectly crafted cup of coffee. A quality at-home coffee system…

QCS to Sell the Highly-Anticipated New CONTI Espresso Machine ‘ACE’ later in 2022!

    As the National Representatives for Conti in Canada, we are pleased to present our article from the Daily Coffee New newspaper (located in Portland), about the presentation of our new ACE machine. The new Conti espresso machine "Ace" will be launched later in 2022 at the Beanstock Coffee…

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale


The following machines are on sale! Jura S8 Piano Black - 12% off Solis Barista Perfetta White - 12% off Solis Barista Perfetta Black - 12% off  Solis Barista Perfetta Silver - 12% off  Profitec Pro 300 - 10% off  Profitec Pro 500 - 10% off 

Jura Espresso Coffee Machines | February Special Offer

Jura Z8 Jura 1L Cool Control  Jura Smart Care Kit

Roaster’s Corner Episode 1 with Agro Roasters


We have a new monthly show where we have a brief conversation with well known as well as up and coming local roasters. I've come to realize that the coffee culture in Vancouver is so rich, but I want to still know more about them as I am sure other…

Holiday Hours at QCS

  We understand how essential it is to have a functioning coffee machine at home in these Holidays, especially after this challenging year where we all deserve extra comfort among family at home. Here are our holiday hours and we hope we can help you this holiday for any of…

Jura Espresso Coffee Machines | December Special Offer

Jura E6 Platinum  Jura Glass Milk Container Jura Claris Smart Filter (3 Pack)

Solis Winter Package Deal

The Solis Barista Perfetta is the perfect holiday gift for anyone who is getting into making their own home espresso. It is for someone who wants to make a proper shot of an espresso with a manual machine and get that amazing taste that can only be had from making…

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

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