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QCS Summer Sale: Jura Z10

The Jura Z10 is Jura's newest top of the line unit with innovative features such as the option to make any drink on the menu a cold brew version. Until the end of August, you can buy the Z10 at 5% off, a free bag of coffee and receive a…

Jura Canada receives “Best Performance Large Distributors Award” at 2022 Jura Global Sales Conference

  QCS is proud to announce that we attended the 2022 Jura Global Sales Conference. Over 400 attendants from 40 countries over a 3 day magnificent event. QCS, with Jura Canada were ecstatic to receive the "Best Performane Large Distributors" award!   The event took place at Jura's HQ in…

Jura Refurbished Espresso Machines 2022!

As QCS is the service centre for Jura in BC, all the machines are brought here for repairs. Another option our customers have is to trade in their older Jura unit and get a discount on a machine from the new line. When customers opt for this, we overhaul their…

Jura December Refurbished Machine Sales

JURA Z8 - $3,995 1000 shots 2020 Showroom model Jura ENA 8 - $1,895 2147 shots 2020 Red panels Please visit or call our showroom to inquire about these excellent options! 6042916166

Let’s Talk Jura – An Espresso Machine for Everyone

Jura Impressa S8 chrome

  If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you’ve likely heard many brand names being tossed around – some high-end, some not so much. From La Spaziale to Breville and Philips (and all stops in between), it’s a bustling marketplace with literally hundreds of choices and price points. And let’s face it…

JURA: The differences between the new E8 vs the old E8

One of Jura's best selling machines in the residential market is the E8 and they have now made some updates that go a long way.  Jura made some significant changes while keeping the same famous features that has made it a bestseller.  For only $100 more at $ 2,695 for the…

The Jura E6 has been crowned best fully automatic coffee machine with milk frother 2021

  The Jura E6 has recently been given the title of “Test winner” in the fully automatic coffee machines with milk frother category in 2021. This title has not been given by just anyone. The E6 was awarded by the prestigious “Stiftung Warentest.”  If you have never heard of Stiftung…

QCS Jura Weekly Promo – E8 White

Jura E8 Pianowhite Jura 0.6L Cool Control  

QCS’ Jura Weekly Promotion: E8 Chrome

Option 1: With the purchase of the Jura E8 Chrome, you get... Variety pack of coffee: 3 Bags (free) Chicco D'oro Tradition, Chicco D'oro Miscela, Perfekt Kaffee  Cool Control 0.6 L (free)      ** Value of: $ 390** Option 2: If you do not need a cool control because…

Jura – The Rolls Royce of Espresso Machines

Interested in upping your coffee game without leaving home sweet home? The Jura espresso machine perfectly combines the ease and versatility of ordering across the counter from your neighbourhood barista, with the sleek good looks of a high-end appliance that occupies a place of honour in your kitchen. Made in…


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