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Solis Winter Package Deal

The Solis Barista Perfetta is the perfect holiday gift for anyone who is getting into making their own home espresso. It is for someone who wants to make a proper shot of an espresso with a manual machine and get that amazing taste that can only be had from making…

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

Call: 604-291-6166 Email: Address: 1122 Boundary Road, Burnaby, BC

Vancouver Coffee Lovers: Home Machines Are Everywhere – Exceptional Quality Is Not

  For us Vancouver residents, our morning espresso is something we value greatly. Perhaps even more than we value that extra hour of sleep that we inevitably lose by making a daily coffee run to the local café before our work begins. We are now getting into the groove of…

New Holiday Hours: We have decided to be more available!

Mon - Fri: 8:30AM to 5:30PM Saturday: 10AM to 3PM The Holidays are pretty much here and as one of Vancouver's key home espresso machine shops, we have decided to be more available for your coffee related holiday shopping. Sometimes, online research for your next Jura Automatic Espresso Machine is…

Is the Solis Barista Perfetta best in class? Entry Level At-Home Espresso

Designed by Paolo Marconato, Designed in Switzerland, Winner of the Red Dot Design Award Q: Why Choose the newcomer brand "Solis" over the well known "Delonghi" and "Breville?" A: Efficient and Professional Features When I say best in class, I am talking about the entry level at-home espresso class. These…

Jura Espresso Coffee Machines | November Special Offer

Jura E8 - Chrome Jura E8 - Piano White  Jura E8 - Piano Black  Jura Cool Control 0.6L

Canada’s Best Boutique Businesses Are Complete with A Commercial Grade Espresso Machine

  Running a boutique business requires finesse, aesthetic flair and creativity to stand out above the rest. Its competition is the big guys – the popular chains that have overtaken our bustling society. However, “shopping local” is on the rise – making way for little-but-loveable places to shine. Typically, boutique…

Commercial Grade Espresso Machines for Home Use – Advantages, Drawbacks and the Best Products on the Market

  More and more remote workers are upgrading their basic coffee makers to professional grade commercial espresso machines. There are a few reasons for this, one of them being that many everyday coffee drinkers are putting a greater value on a high quality latte as opposed to a simple drip…

The Arrival of Solis to Vancouver (Semi-Automatic Espresso)

Solis is re-entering the game. As a child, I remember seeing Solis automatic espresso machines in the kitchens of my family and extended family, to me it was a household item, like an oven or stove. In Switzerland, the brand is an important one as they not only made residential espresso…

Jura Espresso Coffee Machines | October Special Offer

Jura Z8 - Aluminum Jura Slim Cup Warmer