Coffee spots in Vancouver: Top 5

Commercial Espresso Machine

We created a top 5 of the coffee spots in Vancouver. And no, they do not all use our Espresso machines, but we still like them 🙂


  • Revolver Coffee: They are known for their specialty coffee and rotating selection of beans from all over the world. Revolver Coffee is a popular spot for coffee experts.


  • Elysian Coffee: Elysian Coffee has multiple locations as in Mount Pleasant or Downtown Vancouver. They specialize in brewed coffee and delicious pastries.


  • Pallet Coffee Roasters: Pallet Coffee Roasters is a favorite among coffee lovers in Vancouver with a focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing.


  • 49th Parallel Coffee: 49th Parallel Coffee has been a staple of Vancouver’s coffee scene since 2004. They provide high-quality beans and are roasting experts. We also love the light blue color on their coffee cups.


  • Matchstick Coffee Roasters: Matchstick Coffee Roasters is a popular spot for coffee lovers in Vancouver. They have a commitment to sourcing and roasting only the best coffee beans.

Do you agree with our selection of the delicious coffee spots in Vancouver?

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