Check out “Rolling Stone” magazine’s new review on the Jura E6!

They do an excellent job of summing up the E6 and why we think it will be one of Jura's greatest units to date. -> LINK HERE

QCS Mother’s Day Sale 2023

Please give us a call at +1 604-291-6166 to see what we have on sale for Mother's Day!    

Coffee spots in Vancouver: Top 5

Commercial Espresso Machine

We created a top 5 of the coffee spots in Vancouver. And no, they do not all use our Espresso machines, but we still like them :)   Revolver Coffee: They are known for their specialty coffee and rotating selection of beans from all over the world. Revolver Coffee is…

Latte Art-Easy steps with your Espresso machine in Vancouver

  Latte art is a technique used to create designs on the surface of espresso-based drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos. This technique involves pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso, creating a pattern or design on the surface of the drink using the milk foam. You can absolutely…

Jura’s December Special

Jura’s November Espresso Machine Promotion

Jura's top of the line residential machine now available with a special promotion!!! Cold Coffee Available Set up with Jura's all-new Product Recognizing Grinder (P.R.G) Available in Diamond Black or Aluminum White Save $ 500.00 on this promotion (free 1L cool control and x 3 Claris Smart water filters) More…

QCS October Profitec Sale – 10%%%%%

Get 10% off on any Profitec item! Sale ends on October 31st

QCS is proud to be a participant in the 2022 Beanstock Festival in August

The Beanstock festival is the largest coffee event in BC and QCS will be participating there along with many other Espresso Machine Suppliers and Roasters. We will have a booth there and it will be tons of fun. The event will take place at the Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre on…

QCS Summer Sale: Jura Z10

The Jura Z10 is Jura's newest top of the line unit with innovative features such as the option to make any drink on the menu a cold brew version. Until the end of August, you can buy the Z10 at 5% off, a free bag of coffee and receive a…

Jura Canada receives “Best Performance Large Distributors Award” at 2022 Jura Global Sales Conference

  QCS is proud to announce that we attended the 2022 Jura Global Sales Conference. Over 400 attendants from 40 countries over a 3 day magnificent event. QCS, with Jura Canada were ecstatic to receive the "Best Performane Large Distributors" award!   The event took place at Jura's HQ in…

Jura Refurbished Espresso Machines 2022!

As QCS is the service centre for Jura in BC, all the machines are brought here for repairs. Another option our customers have is to trade in their older Jura unit and get a discount on a machine from the new line. When customers opt for this, we overhaul their…

The benefits of a lever-style espresso machine

QCS is the best shop for those who are interested in a lever machine.   It is no secret that the espresso that is extracted from a lever machine will be more balanced and clean while having more potential to experience the true notes and tones of your high quality…

Christmas Sale on Profitec Units

Profitec 300 Profitec 500 Profitec M54   And of c0urse, a free bag of premium Swiss coffee :) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the team at QCS!!!

Jura December Refurbished Machine Sales

JURA Z8 - $3,995 1000 shots 2020 Showroom model Jura ENA 8 - $1,895 2147 shots 2020 Red panels Please visit or call our showroom to inquire about these excellent options! 6042916166

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale


The following machines are on sale! Jura S8 Piano Black - 12% off Solis Barista Perfetta White - 12% off Solis Barista Perfetta Black - 12% off  Solis Barista Perfetta Silver - 12% off  Profitec Pro 300 - 10% off  Profitec Pro 500 - 10% off 

2 Profitec Deals

Profitec is one of the big brands when it comes to quality semi- automatic espresso machines, competing with ECM, Rocket and Lelit. We are the official service representatives for Profitec in BC and we are well stocked on machines and parts. "Our highest claim is quality and our motivation is…

JURA: The differences between the new E8 vs the old E8

One of Jura's best selling machines in the residential market is the E8 and they have now made some updates that go a long way.  Jura made some significant changes while keeping the same famous features that has made it a bestseller.  For only $100 more at $ 2,695 for the…

Mother’s Day Offers at QCS!

It has been a tough time in the world, but we hope we can make your home experience better with some quality coffee options. 2 great offers to consider. Offer 1: Jura J6 We have a Jura J6 that has barely been used in the showroom. It's original cost was…

The Jura E6 has been crowned best fully automatic coffee machine with milk frother 2021

  The Jura E6 has recently been given the title of “Test winner” in the fully automatic coffee machines with milk frother category in 2021. This title has not been given by just anyone. The E6 was awarded by the prestigious “Stiftung Warentest.”  If you have never heard of Stiftung…

QCS Jura Weekly Promo – E8 White

Jura E8 Pianowhite Jura 0.6L Cool Control  

Complete the barista look with Solis accessories.

  We now carry all the accessories to complete the look of being a professional barista all in the comfort of your own home. Not only does it complete the look, but it also will prevent your counter space from being dirty and protect your nice counters. The purpose of…

How to make your Jura machine last

Jura designs their machines to last about 10 years. As we are the official service center for Jura in British Columbia, all Jura machines that need service such as repairs or check ups come to us. Although we tell people that 10 years is the average lifespan of a Jura…

QCS’ Jura Weekly Promotion: E8 Chrome

Option 1: With the purchase of the Jura E8 Chrome, you get... Variety pack of coffee: 3 Bags (free) Chicco D'oro Tradition, Chicco D'oro Miscela, Perfekt Kaffee  Cool Control 0.6 L (free)      ** Value of: $ 390** Option 2: If you do not need a cool control because…

How to select a model from Jura’s new line of espresso machines

  If you have made it to this blog post I am sure you are already aware of the Jura name and know that it is arguably the best brand in the sphere of home super automatic espresso machines, but within the world of Jura there are variations in their…

Should I go for a semi-auto or super-auto espresso machine for my home office?

  With the increase of the corporate force working in their home offices, I am sure most of them realize that a home office is not complete without a espresso machine. Leaving home twice a day to grab a latte from somewhere gets old real quick. This is evident when…

Jura Espresso Coffee Machines | February Special Offer

Jura Z8 Jura 1L Cool Control  Jura Smart Care Kit

Jura Espresso Coffee Machines | January Special Offer

Ena 8 - Black  Ena 8 - White Ena 8 - Red Glass Milk Container  Jura Smart Care Kit Jura Milk Pipe with Stainless Steel Casing 

Be your own Barista: Breville Bambino Plus vs Solis Barista Perfetta (Compact Manual Entry Level Espresso)

The Solis Barista Perfetta is a newcomer in the domain of entry level manual espresso machines. We had these machines come in last month so we had to do some research and see what the difference between the Solis machine and the best selling in class Breville Bambino is. You…

Roaster’s Corner Episode 1 with Agro Roasters


We have a new monthly show where we have a brief conversation with well known as well as up and coming local roasters. I've come to realize that the coffee culture in Vancouver is so rich, but I want to still know more about them as I am sure other…

Holiday Hours at QCS

  We understand how essential it is to have a functioning coffee machine at home in these Holidays, especially after this challenging year where we all deserve extra comfort among family at home. Here are our holiday hours and we hope we can help you this holiday for any of…


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