Home of the official Jura service and Hospitality Center
for British Columbia.


About Us

Established in 1998, Quality Coffee Systems specializes in high-quality coffee and juicing solutions for both, residential and commercial use. We deal in Swiss, French, and German brands that promise advanced features, minimal downtime, and maximum durability.


Our portfolio includes:

  • Super automatic espresso machines
  • Traditional espresso machines
  • Self-service units
  • Multi-fruit and citrus fruit juicers

We are the official service centre for Swiss-made Jura espresso machines (residential and professional) for the entire Western Canada region.

Additionally, we are the authorized representatives and service partners for top brands, such as Schaerer, WMF, Conti, Zumex, Bunn, and Macap.

Our Story

Founded as a father-son partnership, Quality Coffee Systems was one of the earliest dealers of Swiss-made automatic espresso machine in North America. During our early days, it was difficult to find customers for the Swiss or German machinery, which was considerably more expensive that their traditional Italian counterparts. Despite the initial resistance, we managed a major breakthrough within just 12 months of inception.

  • By the end of 1999, we were installing espresso machine all over Canada. This meant not just training and handholding the early adopters, but also setting up service vendors in every city that we placed machines in.
  • In 2001, we became an official Schaerer distributor covering all of Western Canada.
  • In 2010, WMF of Germany and Schaerer merged, allowing us to take on the WMF line of espresso machines.
  • In 2011, we became the Canadian representative for Conti, a Monaco based manufacturer of traditional espresso machines.
  • In 2016, QCS became the Western Canada representative for Zumex of Spain, the world leader in citrus juice machines.
  • In 2018, SEB group of France purchased WMF and Schaerer. In 2019, SEB also acquired Wilbur Curtis of California. Today SEB professional is the market leader in espresso machines worldwide. Quality Coffee Systems is a key partner in North America.

We pride ourselves to have a strong team of service technicians. After Sales Support has always been the backbone of our company. In addition to servicing the brands we represent, we also perform equipment service for several other companies such as Starbucks, Illy, Bunn and Lavazza.

We Promise Quality and Reliability

Our mission: Building long term relationships with our customers

Our family-oriented culture is what drives our mission. For us, selling a coffee or juicing solution is simply the beginning of a long and strong collaboration with our clients.


Our value proposition: Quality equipment, paired with excellent after-sales support

We cannot and do not offer the cheapest products in the market. However, we provide highly localized support, and unparalleled customer service. Whether it is with mom-and-pop establishments, or large corporations, over the years, we have built several lasting relationships. Our clients count on us for their equipment servicing, repairs, replacements, as well as repeat purchases.


We work hard to earn your trust, and even harder to ensure your 100% satisfaction

When you partner with us, you can be sure of:

  • Technologically-advanced, feature-rich products from reputed brands
  • Technically competent, well-trained, knowledgeable staff
  • Dependable service, with speed, efficiency and integrity


Ultimately, it is all about preparing consistently delicious coffee for yourself, your customers, and your loved ones. Hence, whether it is our commercial espresso machines, or home espresso machines, when you use them, you will know that “The proof is in the cup!”

To learn more about our wide range of products, call 1-877-461-4445 or visit our showroom in Burnaby, BC. Our experts look forward to assisting you withall your coffee or juicing solution requirements.


QCS is the official service provider for: