A Guide to Your Entry Level Espresso Machine Purchase


As a DIY espresso newbie, the purchasing journey of your first ever espresso machine can be intimidating. You want to be intentional, practical and confident with your choice, ensuring that you’re buying well within your skill and comfort level. To be clear, there is always a bit of a learning curve when you make the switch from café to homemade, but once you taste your first perfect cup, it’ll become your new favourite ritual. Today, we’re going to lend our expertise and guide you through the process of buying an entry level espresso machine that fits your lifestyle and budget. The good news: your options are plenty when it comes to good quality entry level appliances – let’s get into it…

Features – Determining Your Preferences

It’s important to get to know your home espresso needs before making your decision. Are you willing to put in a little bit of grunt work and get a kick out of truly being your own barista? If so, your best entry level option might be a manual espresso machine – something that is bare-bones in terms of bells and whistles, but gives you incredible results as far as taste and café-style appeal. Manual machines tend to be the most affordable, are compact and a favourite among home barista vets, pulling exceptional shots. Keep in mind, however, that going the manual route means that you’ll probably want to allow for the purchase of a grinder. If your eye is on homemade cappuccinos, lattes or more involved specialty drinks, you’ll also want to invest in a milk frother. Sometimes, when all is said and done, it actually makes more sense to put your money into a machine that provides all these features….

Enter: the fully automatic (for baby baristas). Do you want a little fuss, feature-rich espresso experience? It is possible to find an espresso machine that is both entry level, and impressive. Our Jura models are perfect for those who are new to the game, and still want the very best. Not to mention, there is a price point for every budget. Jura’s machines are Swiss-made, and engineered with the home espresso enthusiast in mind. And as if it couldn’t get any better, you can buy with total confidence, knowing that Jura Service is there for you in any case. For more info, check out our Jura Service page.

There’s no one espresso machine, be it automatic or manual, that is perfect for everyone. We all have our own checklists, and that’s why Quality Coffee Systems is proud to be your one-stop shop for all things residential espresso. Our selection is uniquely varied to satisfy all kinds of budgets, styles, and skills. Entry level doesn’t have to be daunting when you buy with us – we do not subscribe to the idea that DIY espresso is an exclusive club reserved only for the experts. We believe that everyone deserves to take part in this self-care custom of crafting their own favourite beverage from the comfort of home.

Be sure to check out our product page to discover the best entry level manual, or automatic espresso machine for you – happy brewing!


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