5 Coffee Industry Trends to Watch as a Café Owner

Like any lucrative industry, the coffee business goes through a variety of trends. Some of these are simply passing fads while others change the landscape of the industry forever. As an aspiring coffee entrepreneur, you’d do well to keep track of the frequent changes within the market in order to understand your customer base and deliver coffee products that will satisfy their specific needs. In addition to knowing the trends, it’s important to get to the root of your customer’s motivations. Here are five popular coffee trends and what they truly mean to consumers. 

  1. Koji Fermented Coffee

Invented by biochemist Koichi Higuchi, koji fermented coffee is made through a process that involves adding the spores of an ancient mold called koji frequently used in Japanese cuisine. The process is said to enhance the flavor of coffee, adding complexity and sweetness to the flavor of beans. Lovers of koji-fermented coffee want a milder, smoother cup of coffee. 

  1. Sustainable Coffee Shops

Increased awareness of environmental health has spurred companies within most industries to prioritize sustainability. This is not so much a trend as it is a global effort to save the planet. As a business seeking to position itself as a socially responsible brand, you’ll want to evaluate your practices and ensure that you’re doing everything in your power to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Biodegradable packaging and cups, reduced energy consumption, paperless receipts, and eco-friendly coffee sourcing criteria are just a couple of changes to consider. 

  1. Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives

There are multiple reasons why coffee drinkers are trying dairy alternatives. As the awareness of food intolerance increases, veganism becomes more popular, and a general interest in clean eating grows, there are more coffee drinkers going dairy-free. Over the years several interesting new alternatives have come out of the woodwork like a variety of nut milk such as almond, hazelnut, and cashew. Oat milk is a creamy yet nutrient-dense option that has taken the industry by storm. As the average person becomes more concerned and educated about maintaining their physical health, this trend is unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon. 

  1. Coffee Subscription Boxes 

Customers love the idea of sampling new products each month through product subscriptions. Coffee drinkers who can easily plow through a bag of beans in a week will appreciate a steady stream of new products to try. Subscription boxes are an extremely lucrative product type as they secure ongoing revenue and allow you the opportunity to stay connected with your customer base and evaluate their preferences as you introduce new products. 

  1.  Nitro Cold Brew 

Nitro cold-brew is a post-pandemic sensation that brought many coffee drinkers back into the café. Contrary to popular belief, nitro cold brew isn’t any more caffeinated than regular coffee. Instead, nitro coffee is simply infused with nitrogen gas which adds sweetness and produces bubbles so small that they create the illusion of creaminess. This popular coffee is less accessible at home and many customers are willing to hoop in their cars and head to the nearest coffee shop to get it. 

As a coffee entrepreneur, not only do you need to be aware of industry trends but you need the equipment to create the specialty drinks your clientele will want. If you’re interested in exploring high-quality espresso machines that deliver premium results, check out our showroom or contact us anytime.


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