3 Great Destinations For Coffee Tourists

Though the autumn weather is gorgeous and typically much appreciated by the average coffee lover, we all know what comes after. That’s right, it’s time for shoveling, slush, and the flu. If you have an incurable case of wanderlust, it’s about time to pull out your globe and seek out the next adventure. If you’re a coffee lover, perhaps you’re wondering what vacation destinations offer the best cup of joe. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three beautiful spots to visit this year just in time for you to start booking tickets and escape the snow – even just for a short time. 

1. Columbia 

This beautiful country is actually South America’s biggest coffee exporter. The lush mountains, colorful buildings, and ocean views create the perfect backdrop against which to enjoy a coffee with your favorite people. What makes Colombia’s coffee special? Well, apart from the sheer amount of coffee that’s produced in this region, Columbia tends to export arabica beans which have a light, almost flowery flavor to them which many coffee lovers crave. If you consider yourself a global scholar, consider taking one of Columbia’s famous tours where you’ll learn all about the coffee production process from planting to roasting. When you’re ready to relax, enjoy the vibrant restaurants and cafes along the bustling streets of Columbia where you’ll enjoy rich flavor profiles in your meals and of course, in your coffee. Whether you wish to enjoy the exciting nightlife in the capital Bogota or enjoy a quiet retreat in one of Colombia’s small towns like Jerico, Salamina, and Mompox. 

2. Indonesia 

There are so many reasons why Indonesia makes an excellent travel destination. Not only is it full of beautiful, mountainous landscapes, wildlife, and great food but it’s also quite affordable. Most importantly, Indonesia is home to some of the best coffee. Both of the main coffee bean types, Arabica (known for its rich, complex flavor)  and Robusta (known for its very high caffeine content). Arabica beans require higher altitudes to grow while Robusta beans thrive in lower altitudes. Because Indonesia is home to such a diverse landscape, both species grow in abundance. If variety is the spice of your life, Indonesia is certainly the coffee destination for you as each Indonesian island has adapted its own unique cultivation style over the past several centuries, creating a vast array of different flavors to explore. 

3. Jamaica 

If your main concern is escaping the cold, Jamaica’s the perfect coffee destination for you. In addition to beautiful beaches, delicious food, and great people, you’ll get to experience world-renowned blue mountain coffee. It boasts a whole-bodied, herbal, and balanced flavor that many choose to pair with liquor and cream for the perfect tropical treat. If traveling isn’t an option for you this year, there are still ways to enjoy the world’s best beans from the comfort of your own home with an entry-level espresso machine from our showroom here in Burnaby. Contact us to learn more about our products and feel free to visit us! 



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