Monthly Archives: September 2022

A Guide to Selecting a Long-Lasting Espresso Machine For Coffee Lovers on a Budget

If you’re a coffee lover finally looking to make the leap and purchase your first espresso machine. Chances are, you’re a little intimidated. This is understandable as they appear to be these large, chrome machines with several handles, knobs, and buttons on them. Espresso machines appear a lot more difficult…

5 Coffee Industry Trends to Watch as a Café Owner

Like any lucrative industry, the coffee business goes through a variety of trends. Some of these are simply passing fads while others change the landscape of the industry forever. As an aspiring coffee entrepreneur, you'd do well to keep track of the frequent changes within the market in order to…

Choose the Right Commercial Espresso Machine for Coffee Entrepreneurs

You’ve finally decided that you’re going to take that leap and follow your passion. As an aspiring coffee entrepreneur looking to open up your own cafe, it’s important to know what equipment you should use to satisfy your first customers and establish yourself in the industry. You’ll want to select…

3 Excellent Ways to Use Your Jura Espresso Machine to Welcome Autumn

What better time to settle in with a delicious coffee drink than the fall time? Just picture it. There’s a thunderstorm outside, you have all of your lamps on, and you’re covered in soft blankets with a book on your lap. All you need is a well-crafted drink to go…


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