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Monthly Archives: April 2022

There’s Something About Craftsmanship….

  A lot has been said about Italy’s contribution to the espresso machine manufacturing industry, but it’s not the only significant coffee system player on the world stage. Swiss-made espresso machines have risen to prominence over the past few decades, with brands that feature some of the finest technology to…

You’re an Espresso Newbie – Where To Start?

  Ever dream of being a world-class barista, but the learning curve just seemed too overwhelming? Maybe you’re tired of making that pit-stop every morning at your go-to coffee shop but are reluctant to take on the task of brewing your own beverage – after all, you do love your…

Vancouver – Leading the Coffee – and Coffee Machine – Charge

  Vancouver: city of coffee, coffee enthusiasts, and coffee machines. Let’s face it, this west coast destination is a coffee lover’s paradise, capable of impressing even the most caffeinated and jaded consumers. And although the coffee is fantastic – whether a world-class espresso served with an experienced flourish, a single-origin…

Espresso Machines in a Commercial Setting – What to Consider

  For any commercial enterprise like a coffee shop, the espresso machine is the star of the show. It likely occupies prime real estate, impressing customers before they even have a reason to be truly impressed: those first-class shots and beverages. No matter what size your operation might be, choosing…

Jura Refurbished Espresso Machines 2022!

As QCS is the service centre for Jura in BC, all the machines are brought here for repairs. Another option our customers have is to trade in their older Jura unit and get a discount on a machine from the new line. When customers opt for this, we overhaul their…

The benefits of a lever-style espresso machine

QCS is the best shop for those who are interested in a lever machine.   It is no secret that the espresso that is extracted from a lever machine will be more balanced and clean while having more potential to experience the true notes and tones of your high quality…


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