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Christmas Sale on Profitec Units

Profitec 300 Profitec 500 Profitec M54   And of c0urse, a free bag of premium Swiss coffee :) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the team at QCS!!!

The Surge of Household Espresso Machines in Canada

  There is no denying that there’s a strong appreciation for coffee in Canada – and that dynamic has only intensified with the effects of the pandemic. From specialty chain Starbucks to Canada’s own Tim Hortons to boutique roasters, the romance with coffee has only grown stronger. Part of that…

Vancouver – A City Rich in Culture and Coffee Machines

  “Coffee culture” is a term that shows up frequently these days – and it’s certainly a testament to how pervasive and truly powerful this dynamic of “all things coffee” has become. And while a global fascination has developed with how people consume coffee, the way they make it, and…

Jura December Refurbished Machine Sales

JURA Z8 - $3,995 1000 shots 2020 Showroom model Jura ENA 8 - $1,895 2147 shots 2020 Red panels Please visit or call our showroom to inquire about these excellent options! 6042916166


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